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Degree course in Mechanical engineering [LM-33] D. M. 270/2004

Study plan

Versione italiana

Course websitehttp://orienta.ing.unipg.it/
Degree typeMaster's degree
Academic year2016/2017
SystemD. M. 270/2004
Active years1,2 ex D.M. 270/2004
Type of accessThe enrollment is regulated in accordance with the rules of access to higher education. Before the course and 'it expected a verification procedure of the requirements for admission to the course of study. If necessary will be organized preparatory educational activities and recovery of any educational requirements, to homogenize the formation of the aligning students of different origin, as far as possible, to a base of sufficient knowledge to then fit adequately in the specific formation process.
The necessary knowledge based on previous studies, the methods of verification and tools for the identification of training requirements, as well as the criteria for their acquisition, will be specified in the academic regulations of the course of study.
Responsible Didactic StructureDepartment of Engineering
Teaching SeatPerugia
President of the Degree Course CouncilEdvige Pucci
Didactic CommissionTeachers: Professors: Grimaldi C.N., Mezzanotte P., Scorzoni A.,Dionigi M., Cianetti F. 
representing the students: Bovini,Passerini, Pelliccia, Ramadori, Mancini, Savoia
Course Professors
Teaching proceduresConventional

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