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Teaching: Agricultural chemistry

Degree CourseDegree course in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences [L-25] D. M. 270/2004
CurriculumAGRICOLTURA SOSTENIBILE - Regulations 2014
PrerequisitesInformation currently not available - Italian version
Assessment methods

Progress assessments and final oral exam. Written exercises at the end of each laboratory trial.

Examinations' grades statistics

Not provided.

Examinations' dates

See the website: http://www.agr.unipg.it/

Recommended optional courses

Not suggested.

LecturerDaniela Businelli
TypeSpecific formative activities
Implementation proceduresConventional
Course content

Agricultural chemistry- Plant:
Entalpy and entropy. Free energy. Redox potentials. Activation energy. Coupled reactions. Absorption energy and molecular excitation. Enzimology. Photosynthesis. Carbohydrate biosynthesis. Fermentation and respiration processes. Lipid metabolism. Nitrogen cycle. Biochemical bases of plant nutrition.
Agricultural chemistry- Soil:
Soil genesis. The role of hydrosphere, atmosphere and litosphere. Soil carbonates. Soil silicates: structural classification. Weathering and soil development. Genesis of organic fraction. Soil redox potential. Soil colloids. Clays: structural characteristics, properties and development of charge. Soil humus: extraction, fractionation and chemical composition. Oxides and hydroxydes. Soil retention capability. Reactions of phosphates in soil. Soil pH and buffering capacity. Principles of plant nutrition.

Laboratory practical classes.


Bioenergetics. Enzimology. Photosynthesis. Carbohydrate biosynthesis. Fermentation and respiration processes. Lipid metabolism. Nitrogen cycle. Biochemical bases of plant nutrition. Soil genesis and composition. Oxide-hydroxide, clay and humus properties. Soil sorption, pH and buffer capacity. Plant nutrition principles. Laboratory practical classes.

Mode of delivery

Theoretical lessons and practical training.

Recommended reading

1. L. SCARPONI Elementi di Biochimica Agraria. Galeno Editrice, Perugia, 1985.
2. L. SCARPONI (a cura di) Biochimica Agraria. Patron Editore, Bologna, 2002.
3. M. Businelli. Chimica del Suolo. Morlacchi editore, Perugia, 2009
4. P. Sequi. Fondamenti di Chimica del Suolo. Patron Editore, Bologna, 2005 (optional).

Learning outcomes

Knowledge on:
- biochemical and physiological processes occurring in plants,
- energy consideration in biochemistry,
- structure and function of proteins and membranes,
- the structure features of enzyme proteins that confer catalytic activity on them,
- enzyme kinetic and classification,
- photosynthesis and carbon metabolism,
- synthesis and degradation of storage polysaccharides,
- respiration in plant mitochondria,
- synthesis and degradation of fat and related compounds,
- energy release from fat,
- overview of amino acid metabolism,
- solute transport in plant cells,
- soil inorganic and organic components,
- soil colloids,
- cation and anion retention and release in soil,
- soil pH and buffering capacity,
- soil macro and micro nutrients,
These notions will establish a basis for further studies as well as for research activity.

- to work and learn independently,
-to identify problems, create solutions, innovate and improve current practices,
- to generate ideas and adapt innovatively to changing environments,
- to define and analyse problems,
- to apply critical reasoning to issues through independent thought and informed judgement,
- to evaluate opinions, make decisions and to reflect critically on the justifications for decisions.

Teaching period

See the website: http://www.agr.unipg.it/


Teaching calendar

See the website: http://www.agr.unipg.it/

Teaching support

Not provided.

Teaching languageItalian

Optional, but strongly advised.


DSA3. Borgo XX Giugno, 72. Perugia. Italy.

Individual study
Integration to teaching activity
Daniela Businelli
PeriodI semester

Chemistry is formally required.

Prof.ssa Daniela Businelli
Dipartimento di Scienze Agrarie Alimentari e Ambientali. Reseach Unit: Chimica Agraria.
Tel. 075/5856228
E-mail daniela.businelli@unipg.it

Consulting hours:
Monday 3.30 - 5.30 p.m., Tuesday 3.30 - 5.30 p.m., Wednesday 3.30 - 5.30 p.m.

Consulting hours

Monday 4.30-6.00 p.m.
Tuesday 4.30-6.00 p.m.
Wednesday 3.30-5.30 p.m.

The lecturer receives students beyond the time indicated. The appointment must be agreed by e-mail (daniela.businelli@unipg.it).

Consulting location

Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental. Borgo XX Giugno, 74. 06121 Perugia. The office of the lecturer is located in the new building, the entrance is located to the right of the main entrance (ground floor). UR Chimica Agraria / Agricultural Chemistry.

ECTS code2014 - 1586

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