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Teaching: Economy and food policy

Degree CourseDegree course in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences [L-25] D. M. 270/2004
CurriculumVERDE ORNAMENTALE - Regulations 2014
PrerequisitesInformation currently not available - Italian version
Assessment methods

Evaluation of exercises; final written text (whole program) plus oral test (on selected topics, choosing by students)

Examinations' grades statisticsInformation currently not available - Italian version
Examinations' dates

Not available

Recommended optional coursesInformation currently not available - Italian version
LecturerLucia Rocchi
TypeSpecific formative activities
Implementation proceduresConventional
Course content

Principles of Microeconomics (CFU 1.5)
Introduction to economics and the concept of market: demand, supply and equilibrium, the determinants of supply and demand, elasticity of demand and supply, consumer theory, cost and production theory, perfect competition; others market (oligopoly, monopoly and monopolistic competition), web model.
The farm and agricultural enterprise (CFU 2)
The factors of production in agriculture, the agricultural enterprise; types of companies; farms in Italy and their distribution; forms of conduct; structural and comparative analysis of farms in Italy, the company balance sheet as an instrument of analysis, determination of the economic results of the farm.
The factors of agricultural production (0.5 ECTS)
The land in Italy and its reform; rent. The capital, fixed and circulating capital, capital of anticipation; agriculture machines: operating costs, capital livestock. The work in agriculture, rural population and agricultural population, agricultural employment; specificity of agricultural work, and the evolution of the national agricultural system.
The Common Agricultural Policy (CFU 1.5)
The European Union: the institutions and policies, CAP: market policies, price controls to stabilize markets and incomes; evolution of the CAP reform, the CAP 2014 - 2020, the rural development policy, the Leader Community Initiative, the EU and the world: the WTO and international agreements.
New constraints and opportunities for the agri-food system (0.5 ECTS)
Food security: quality, authenticity and traceability. Policies, instruments and regulations.


Principles of microeconomics (consumer theory, producer theory; equilibrium on competitive and not competitive market), Farms and agriculture enterprise (Agriculture enterprise, type of enterprises and farms typologies; structural and comparative analysis of farms in Italy; economics balance). Factors of production in agriculture. Common agriculture politics (eu institutions, price and market control; evolution of CAP and Rural development). Food safety: quality and traceability.

Mode of delivery

face- to- face lessons; pratictal training (at home and at class); seminars on specific topics

Recommended reading

Bruni F., Franco S. 2003. Economia dell0impresa e dell’azienda agraria, Franco Angeli , Milano

Fontaine P. L’Europa in 12 lezioni, Commissione europea, Bruxelles.

Gioia Perri ISTITUZIONI DI ECONOMIA (I), Manni, Lecce;

Guerrieri G., Pennacchi F., Sediari T. 1995. Istituzioni di Economia e Politica Agraria, Edagricole, Bologna

Delbono, Zamagni LEZIONI DI MICROECONOMIA, Il Mulino, Bologna (Cap. XI, XXI)

English option avaible if required

Learning outcomes

Basic knowledge about the italian agriculture, and its relationship with the eu context.

Teaching period

starting from the last week of september

Teaching calendar

available in septembre 2014

Teaching supportInformation currently not available - Italian version
Teaching languageItalian

Optional but strongly advised


Dept. of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences

Individual study
Integration to teaching activity
Lucia Rocchi
PeriodI semester
NotesInformation currently not available - Italian version
Consulting hoursTuesday and Thursday 10:00-12:00 am
Consulting locationDSEEA
ECTS code2014 - 1632

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