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Teaching activities 2016/2017

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Number of courses available : 7

Biological sciencesChemistry, Biology and BiotechnologyThree-year degree courseL-13D.M. 270/2004Perugia
BiotechnologiesChemistry, Biology and BiotechnologyThree-year degree courseL-2D.M. 270/2004Perugia
ChemistryChemistry, Biology and BiotechnologyThree-year degree courseL-27D.M. 270/2004Perugia
Biomolecular and Environmental SciencesChemistry, Biology and BiotechnologyMaster's degreeLM-6 D.M. 270/2004Perugia
Chemical sciencesChemistry, Biology and BiotechnologyMaster's degreeLM-54D.M. 270/2004Perugia
Molecular and industrial biotechnologiesChemistry, Biology and BiotechnologyMaster's degreeLM-8 D.M. 270/2004Perugia
Naturalistic and environmental sciences and technologiesChemistry, Biology and BiotechnologyMaster's degreeLM-60D.M. 270/2004Perugia

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