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Access requirements

The access requirements to courses held at the Università degli Studi di Perugia are:

  • for First Cycle (Bachelor programme and Single-cycle Degree), the didactic regulations of the courses are determined by the secondary school diplomas, or by other qualifications if awarded abroad, recognised as appropriate and necessary for student enrolment.
  • for Second Cycle (Master programme – two years), students must be in possession of a degree or of a three-year university diploma, or of another recognised qualification achieved abroad. Students must furthermore be in possession of the curricular requirements and be sufficiently prepared as provided by the didactic regulations of each study programme.
  • for limited enrolment courses, the access requirements of the above-mentioned courses are determined by the didactic regulations and specific Calls for Candidates.

In order to be totally or partially exempt from the payment of university fees, students must indicate in their enrolment application form, the indicator of equivalent economic status (ISEE) or the indicator of equivalent economic status for the university (ISEEU), in order to obtain the correct allocation according to one's income tax range. It is also possible to apply for an A.Di.S.U. grant.

Non EU Citizens Resident Abroad

For non EU citizens resident abroad, in order to be admitted to any degree programme, they must pass an Italian language test, except for specific regulations stipulated by M.I.U.R.

Italian citizens with foreign qualifications

Italian citizens with foreign qualifications may attend the University on the same conditions as Italian citizens with Italian qualifications, except for the certification of the above-mentioned qualifications.

Recognition of academic qualifications achieved

In accordance with Law 21st July 2002, n. 148, Universities may recognise a foreign academic qualification with a view to pursuing and achieving Italian university qualifications within their autonomy and in conformity with the respective rules, with the exception of relevant bilateral agreements.

The recognition of a foreign academic qualification by the University is for purely "academic" purposes, while the recognition of the qualification with a professional end follows a different procedure and it is evaluated by the relevant Administrations according to the subject.

In order to obtain the recognition of study periods and academic qualifications, carried out and achieved at Universities or International Institutes of Academic Education, it is necessary to present an appropriate application.

The preliminary procedure for recognition concludes with the resolution of the Academic Senate, adopted upon the expressed opinion of the degree programmes' Council, prior to the evaluation of studies and exams carried out abroad. The Rector's decree recognises the appropriate foreign academic qualification with a view to pursuing and obtaining the Italian academic qualification.

Translation of documents

All documents must be in Italian or be officially translated into Italian. In order to obtain the aforementioned translated documents, the interested parties can either address the local Court or avail themselves of local translators (in the latter case, the translations must be confirmed by the relative Italian Delegation), official and sworn translators, or diplomatic or consular Delegations operating in which the document was issued.

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