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Course name Sociology and social policies
Study-unit Code GP003590
Curriculum Progettazione delle politiche sociali
Lecturer Maria Giuseppina Pacilli
  • Maria Giuseppina Pacilli - Didattica Ufficiale
  • 42 Hours - Didattica Ufficiale - Maria Giuseppina Pacilli
Course Regulation Coorte 2017
Supplied 2017/18
Supplied other course regulation
Learning activities Affine/integrativa
Area Attività formative affini o integrative
Sector M-PSI/05
Period II
Type of study-unit Obbligatorio (Required)
Type of learning activities Attività formativa monodisciplinare
Language of instruction Italian. International and erasmus student are invited to attend the lessons.
Contents The course consists of two parts.The first part will consider prejudice and discrimination by examining the various causes as well as the different forms they can assume, from the most overt and hostile to the most hidden and subtle. It will also consider the different strategies that can be realized to reduce these phenomena at an individual and a societal level. The second part aims to investigate prejudice by examining the specific forms it can take with regard to age, gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity.
Reference texts Three books:
1) Voci, L. & Pagotto, L. (2010). Il pregiudizio. Che cosa è, come si riduce. Roma-Bari: Laterza.

2) Mucchi Faina, A. (2013). Troppo giovani troppo vecchi. Il pregiudizio sull'età. Roma-Bari: Laterza.

3) Taurino, A. (2016). Due papà, due mamme. Sfatare i pregiudizi. Bari: Edizioni la meridiana.

Readings and other materials to study are also available in English. Please contact the instructor for further details and to schedule an appointment during the first week of the Spring Semester
Educational objectives Students are expected to manage the specialized language of the discipline. Moreover they are expected to acquire and develop the competence to plan and realize projects aimed to reduce and contrast prejudice towards discriminated social categories.
Prerequisites Knowledge of social psychology
Teaching methods Frontal lessons supported by group activities
Other information The programme indicated in the field "testi di riferimento" is valid only for students who do not attend the course. For student interested in attending the course, the teacher will give information about the programme during the first lesson
Learning verification modality Written test