Università degli Studi di Perugia


Course name Mechanical engineering
Study-unit Code 70368210
Curriculum Generale
Lecturer Luigi Vergori
  • Luigi Vergori - Didattica Ufficiale
  • 90 Hours - Didattica Ufficiale - Luigi Vergori
CFU 10
Course Regulation Coorte 2018
Supplied 2019/20
Supplied other course regulation
Learning activities Base
Area Matematica, informatica e statistica
Sector MAT/07
Type of study-unit Obbligatorio (Required)
Type of learning activities Attività formativa monodisciplinare
Language of instruction Italian
Contents statics and dynamics of non-constrained and constrained material systems. Motions of rigid bodies.
Reference texts P. Biscari, T. Ruggeri, G. Saccomandi, M. Vianello: Meccanica Razionale. Springer-Verlag Italia, Milano.
Educational objectives Acquisition of the physical and mathematical tools for studying the equilibrium and motion of material systems.
Prerequisites Linear Algebra. Geometry of curves and surfaces. Mathematical Analysis.
Teaching methods Chalk and board lectures.
Other information None.
Learning verification modality Written and oral exam.
Extended program Revision of linear algebra and the differential geometry of curves and surfaces. Kinematics of material systems. Relative motions. Constrained material systems. Center of mass and moment of inertia. Forces, work and potentials. Laws of Mechanics. Statics and Dynamics of material systems. Lagrangean Mechanics.