Università degli Studi di Perugia


Course name Mechanical engineering
Study-unit Code 70922512
Curriculum Generale
CFU 12
Course Regulation Coorte 2020
Supplied 2020/21
Supplied other course regulation
Period II
Type of study-unit Obbligatorio (Required)
Type of learning activities Attività formativa integrata


Code 70034102
Lecturer Francesco Bianconi
  • Francesco Bianconi - Didattica Ufficiale
  • 18 Hours - Didattica Ufficiale - Francesco Bianconi
Learning activities Altro
Area Abilità informatiche e telematiche
Sector ING-IND/15
Type of study-unit Obbligatorio (Required)
Language of instruction Italian
Contents Findamentals of two-dimensional drawing with AutoCAD
Reference texts Santapaga, L., Trasi, M.; AutoCAD 2015 (altre versioni 2014, 2016 o successive sono equivalenti), Apogeo, 2015
Santapaga, L. Trasi, M.

or, alternatively:

AutoCAD. Guida facile al disegno CAD 2D e 3D, Apogeo, 2016 (in alternativa al precedente)
Educational objectives Basic AutoCAD skills for technical drawing
Prerequisites Basic geometry and computer skills
Teaching methods Practical lessons at the PC
Other information For surther details please visit: www.unistudium.unipg.it
Learning verification modality Practical, computer-based test
Extended program Introduction to AutoCAD and its user interface

Understanding layers and coordinate systems

Generating objects

Modifying objects

Sections and hatching

Dimensioning and tolerancing


Code 70067110
CFU 10
Lecturer Paolo Conti
  • Paolo Conti - Didattica Ufficiale
  • 90 Hours - Didattica Ufficiale - Paolo Conti
Learning activities Caratterizzante
Area Ingegneria meccanica
Sector ING-IND/15
Type of study-unit Obbligatorio (Required)
Language of instruction Italian
Contents descriptive geometry, theory of shape description, drafting techniques for mechanical drawing, Computer Aided Design
Reference texts "Disegno tecnico indistriale", Autori E.Chirone, S. Tornincasa - Editode il capitello.
"Vademecum per disegnatori e tecnici", Luigi Baldassini - Hoepli
Educational objectives The students shall acquire the following skills:
Drawing comprehension,
Basic mechanical components
drafting with CAD systems
Prerequisites None
Teaching methods .
Other information
Learning verification modality multiple choice quizzes and drawing of a simple machine (6 hours
Extended program A) REPRESENTATION
1) The role of drawing in machine design,
2) Drawing standards
3) Descriptive geometry and theory of shape description
4) Sections and intersections
5) Assemblies
6) Basic of mechanical manufacturing
7) Dimentioning
8) Dimentional tolerancing
9) Geometrical tolerancing
10) Roughness
1) Treaded connections
2) Assemblies
3) Centering devices
4) Components for power transmission
5) Welding and rivetting
6) Gears
7) Bearings