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Course name Mechanical engineering
Study-unit Code A002370
Curriculum Gestionale
Lecturer Andrea Fronzetti Colladon
  • Andrea Fronzetti Colladon - Didattica Ufficiale
  • 72 Hours - Didattica Ufficiale - Andrea Fronzetti Colladon
Course Regulation Coorte 2020
Supplied 2020/21
Supplied other course regulation
Learning activities Affine/integrativa
Area Attività formative affini o integrative
Sector ING-IND/35
Period II
Type of study-unit Obbligatorio (Required)
Type of learning activities Attività formativa monodisciplinare
Language of instruction Italian.
Contents The course is organized into two interconnected teaching modules: that of business management and that of business analytics meant to support managerial decisions.
Reference texts - Jackson, M. O. Social and Economic Networks. Princeton University Press.

- Chernev, A. Strategic Marketing Management: Theory and Practice. Cerebellum Press.

All the materials made available by the teacher on the Unistudium platform are part of the course and their study is necessary to pass the final exam. They are provided in addition to the textbooks listed here.
Educational objectives Students learn the basics of Social Network Analysis, in combination with other methods and tools – for example of Text Mining –, always applied to economic and business contexts. The course has a theoretical part, complemented by exercises and the learning of specific software.

The second module is about strategic business management. The teaching covers creativity and innovation management, strategic communication, leadership and teambuilding, problem solving, change management and elements of strategic marketing.
Prerequisites There are no mandatory classes to undertake before this one.
Teaching methods Taught class. Class attendance is highly recommended.
Other information More information available on the university web platform Unistudium (look at the course page).
Learning verification modality Written and oral examination.
Extended program Part I: Business Analytics
- Introduction to Social Network Analysis
- Network relationships and data collection
- Centrality measures
- Random networks, small-world and scale-free
- Clustering and structural holes
- Network communities
- Key roles in knowledge exchange networks
- Robustness and resilience
- Introduction to diffusion models
- Autocorrelation and QAP
- Introduction to big data analytics
- Honest signals
- Semantic Brand Score

Part II: Business Management
- Problem solving
- Change management
- Leadership
- Teambuilding
- Creativity and innovation management
- Elements of advertising and strategic communication
- Persuasion and cognitive biases, in sales and management decisions
- Elements of strategic marketing
- SBS BI, Pajek, Gephi and Condor (possibly also Networkx).

Both modules include case studies and practical exercises.

A more detailed program is provided by the teacher on the Unistudium platform.