Università degli Studi di Perugia

The Founding Papal Bull - 8 September 1308

The privilege bestowed by Pope Clement V was followed by that of John XXII and these granted the Perugian Studium the authority to award Doctoral degrees in Civil and Canon law (1308), and in Medicine and the Arts (1321).
Later on, recognition by the Imperial authority was also granted to the Perugian Studium in the form of two diplomas issued by Charles IV on the 19th of May, 1355.
The history of the preservation of these documents is testimony to the strong bond linking society and the City's institutions to their University. For a long period of time the Founding Bull, together with the diploma from Charles IV and along with other documents considered of fundamental importance to city, were housed in a small cypress chest, set into the front of Palazzo dei Priori, the Town Hall.Today, at Palazzo dei Priori, a small memorial plaque containing the inscription, A.D. MCCCLV- Carolus imperator, Perusini status amator, has gratias egit, quas lapis iste tegit, is still visible.