Università degli Studi di Perugia

Teaching and Research Activities in the 19th Century

he 19th Century was a period characterised by new achievements and breakthroughs for Umbrian and Perugian culture.This renewed energy was given life by the increasingly steady exchange with other academic centres.Several great Professors emerged including: Antonio Brizi, scholar of various literary and philosophical subjects; Silvestro Bruschi and Vermiglioli.The passage of the medical and natural sciences from the realm of speculative sciences to that of experimental sciences was demonstrated by the activity of the distinguished doctors including: Hannibal Mariotti and Giuseppe Severini, who closely followed the modern scientific and teaching methods of observation of the ill and also of experimentation; the Pharmacist, Annibale Vecchi; the Botanist, Domenico Bruschi; the Physicist, Bernardo Dessau; and the Chemists, Giuseppe Colizzi and Sebastiano Purgotti.Dominating the Perugian literary scene during the Century's first decade was Professor Giuseppe Antinori, an Arcadian and Classicist, while the historical sciences gained unprecedented momentum thanks to Giovan Battista Vermiglioli, Ariodante Fabretti, and Count Giancarlo Conestabile della Staffa.