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Admission Timeline

Admission in the first degree level courses and single-cycle courses are allowed up till 2 January 2014, provided that the penalty of 70 euros has been paid. Admission in the Master's degree course is allowed until 28 February 2014.

For all programmed degree courses: http://accessoprogrammato.unipg.it/.

Online admission instructions

Free access degree courses:

Go to the website https://www.segreterie.unipg.it/ proceed to Admission and insert the required information; once all information is complete, it will be possible to print the application form and the first instalment invoice. Payment can be made at any Unicredit Banca Agency nationwide.


The admission application form is downloadable once the online procedure is complete and must be submitted with the documents specified in the art.5 Rules and Procedures Deadlines and Taxes

Where can you register?

    CLA Centro Linguistico D'Ateneo
    Via Enrico Dal Pozzo Dove siamo
    Telephone: 075.5856843 /6844 /6810 - Fax: 075.5856827 - Email: immatricolazioni@unipg.it
    Ufficio Carriere Studenti
    Strada Di Pentima, 4 - 05100 Terni
    Telephone: 0744.492926 / 2951 - Fax: 0744.492917 - Email: sspolotr@unipg.it

By proxy

If you cannot go to the 'Punto Immatricolazioni' in person, you can appoint someone to submit your admission documents and to pick up your university 'booklet'. In this case, your appointed party must have a written consent in which the appointed subject's personal data are reported along with yours. The consent form must be signed and a photocopy of the appointed party must be attached.

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