At the Università degli Studi di Perugia, semester start dates are usually different for each Department.

The first semester usually begins in September/October and ends in December/January, exams are held in January/February. The second semester usually begins in February/March and ends in May/June, exams are held in June/July.

However, we advise you to refer to the current calendar in order to be able to complete your Learning Agreement, as the courses of the past year are usually rather similar to those of the new Academic Year.

It is also recommended that students directly contact each Professor at the beginning of his/her course to find out whether class attendance is compulsory. Whether or not this is the case, class attendance is strongly recommended.

At the end of each course the student must sit for the final exam. If the student does not take the final oral exam or if he/she fails it, no ECTS credits can be awarded. Please note that our Degree Course Regulations do not allow us to provide credits on the sole basis of attendance.

ECTS System adopted: 1 CFU (Italian University Credit System) = 1 ECTS

All Erasmus Incoming students who will be attending the Department of Medicine courses (in all Degree programs) must also submit a negative Tuberculin skin test certificate, issued within the last six months from an authorized structure, or else they will not be able to attend the Department of Medicine courses.

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