EU Students

Health Insurance

EU students must bring their own European Health Insurance Card. This card entitles the holder to public medical assistance during his/her temporary stay (please note that the card cannot be used for private health care services). Medical assistance will be provided in accordance with the Italian legislation.

Non-EU Students

Study Visa

In order to be eligible, Non-EU students must first obtain a study visa. We recommend starting the procedure as soon as possible. Students should directly contact the Italian Consulate or Embassy in their home country to be informed about the steps to be taken in order to obtain the visa. Please note that students must already have their study visa upon their arrival in Italy.

For more information visit this link.

In order to apply for a visa, students must present our Letter of Invitation, which can be issued only after we receive the students’ documents. We therefore strongly recommend students to complete their application and send us the necessary documentation as soon as possible. Also, note that a University Accommodation Request is also necessary in order to obtain the visa. Should the student decide to change his/her reserved accommodation upon arrival in Perugia, they must first inform the Incoming Student Mobility Office.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is another essential prerequisite, for without a Health Insurance policy non-EU students cannot obtain a Permit of Stay and a study visa. Non-Eu Students should verify that they are getting the correct health insurance coverage by contacting the Italian Consulate/Embassy in their home country, which will proceed to validate and sign it.

Should the Italian Consulate/Embassy in their home country not validate and sign the health insurance policy, it will be mandatory for the students to obtain a new policy upon their arrival in Italy. “INA Assitalia”, an Italian insurance company, offers a policy that covers only medical emergencies at the cost of € 98 for an entire year and € 49 for a six-month period. This policy does not cover medical services, but it is sufficient for obtaining a Permit of Stay. Students may obtain this health insurance policy at the Central Post Office in Perugia (Piazza Matteotti).

It must be noted, however, that once non-EU students have obtained their Permit of Stay they can decide to receive full medical assistance by registering with the National Health Service (SSN) at the USL (Local Health Unit) with a single payment of €149.77. This option provides coverage until the 31st of December of the year in which the registration has been made. The student’s Passport and Permit of Stay are needed in order to apply.

USL Address:
Azienda USL Umbria 1
via dei Filosofi, 9 - 06100 Perugia
Tel.: +39 075 5411
Web site:

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday 8:30 - 13:00, Tuesday and Thursday 14,30-17,30

Permit of Stay

Non-EU students who wish to study in Perugia for more than 3 months with D or D+C Visas must apply for a Permit of Stay (in Italian: “Permesso di Soggiorno) within 8 days of their arrival in Perugia. To do this, students must ask for a free “Permesso di soggiorno” application pack (a yellow-striped envelope) from any post office branch and return it, properly filled out and with the appropriate documents attached to a “Sportello Amico” desk at the Central Post Office in the city centre, again no later than 8 days after their arrival. The Permit will then be issued by the Central Police Station (“Questura”) of Perugia.

Documents to be presented at the post office:

  • Completed application pack
  • Certified letter issued by the Student Mobility Office stating period of stay or an Acceptance letter from the Università degli Studi di Perugia sealed by the Italian Consulate of their home country
  • The photocopy of a currently valid passport along with the original document
  • A € 16,00 revenue stamp (this stamp, called “marca da bollo”, can be purchased at any tobacconist’s shop)
  • Photocopy of health insurance policy, valid throughout Italy and for the entire period of stay requested in the permit

Applicants must also submit a copy of the € 30.00 receipt of payment required for the issue of an electronic Permit (to be paid directly at the post office)

The student is then provided with the credentials necessary to verify the progress of the application procedure at and will, in due time, receive a paper letter through the postal service with the date and time of their first scheduled appointment at the Questura. The documents that the student must bring with him/her to the appointment are: the registered letter, 4 identical, recent and passport-size color photos (white background), his/her original valid passport, the “Permesso di soggiorno” and the postal office receipt. The same documents are to be presented also when picking up the electronic card (which has a cost of €107,50).

The Questura in Perugia is located at:
via del Tabacchificio 21,
06127 Perugia
Tel: +39 075 506 2541

A branch Office of the Questura is located at:
Piazza Fortebraccio, 4 - Perugia
within the premises of the Università per Stranieri (Palazzo Gallenga)

For more information visit:

For Public Office Hours visit:


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