International Relations Area

The Università degli Studi di Perugia established the International Relations Area, with the aim of promoting the University, its courses and its methods.  The Area is responsible for the generation of ideas, coordination and management of all initiatives and for informing students and staff within the University about the University's initiatives at an international level, including its plans for various research programmes and innovation. The International Relations Area is composed of 3 sectors:

  • International Relations, Community Programmes and International Cooperation Office
  • Student Mobility Office

International Relations, Community Programmes and International Cooperation Office

The International Relations, Community Programmes and International Cooperation Office operates in the following sectors:

  • Gives detailed information concerning financial opportunity for mobility projects, international formation and cooperation
  • Presents and administrates mobility projects, follows through the entire cycle of the Erasmus+ Programmes
  • Supports teaching staff and researchers with mobility projects, is an Italian interuniversity consortium for Argentina (CUIA) and other similar national and international organizations.
  • Supports teaching staff and researchers for the presentation of applications within the Marie Curie Actions
  • International Graduate Training
  • Hosts teaching/non-teaching staff delegations and exemplifies the role of international mobility and cooperation
  • Arranges Erasmus Mundus and Tempus procedures
  • Hosts and arranges visits by Visiting Professors
  • Adheres to International Networks
  • Participates in international conferences and promotes the University
  • Adheres and promotes programmes such as: Vulcanus, Eiffel, Fulbright, etc...
  • International Cooperation offered by the Foreign Affairs and Education Ministry.
  • Collaborates with the A.Di.S.U. agency for Incoming students and staff
  • Arranges, follows and renews Erasmus + bilateral Agreements within the study and placement areas.

Student Mobility Office

The Student Mobility Office is responsible for:

  • Front office for Erasmus students
  • All procedures regarding Outgoing mobility students (Study and Placement)
  • Contacts and communication with foreign universities and companies for student follow up.
  • International Placements within the CRUI Agreement
  • Correspondence with University partners
  • Incoming mobility students
  • Helps Incoming students to obtain Visas, Permits of Stay and Health assistance
  • Student Residences and Canteen services offered by A.Di.S.U.
  • Contacting and corresponding with Professors from the Università degli Studi di Perugia responsible for Department bilateral Agreements
  • Monitoring of Incoming students throughout their entire stay in Italy through the collaboration of the Department Delegates
  • Organizing meetings and Welcome Days for Incoming Erasmus students
  • Collaborating with local institutions and student associations in the organization of socio-cultural activities aimed at Incoming students

International Mobility Contact Information

Prof. Stefania Stefanelli
Deputy Rector for International Relations and International Cooperation
Tel: +39 075 585 2420

Sonia Trinari
Head of the International Relations Area
Tel.: +39 075 585 2106, 2084
Fax: +39 075 585 2209

Alessandra Tunno
Head of the Student Mobility Office
Tel.: + 39 075 585 5173, 2024
Fax: +39 075 585 2352
E-mails: /

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