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Non-EU students with residency abroad who wish to enroll in study courses must obtain an entry visa for study  enrollment at a University (type D: "national"):  the procedures for  the next year 2024/2025 are available at this website

The application for access to Laurea and Laurea Magistrale degree courses for international students applying for visas and residing abroad, must take place through a prior and mandatory online “pre-enrolment request” on UNIVERSITALY portal

For registration in Universitaly, follow this link

The online application will be evaluated by the University. Once the pre-enrolment application has been validated, all candidates must apply for a university study/enrolment visa at the Italian consular diplomatic mission of the country of residence.

Non-EU citizens residing in a European country have to select the Italian Embassy/Consulate in the European Country where they reside.

Attention The approval of the pre-enrolment request for a study course does not automatically imply the issue of the visa, which is the exclusive jurisdiction of the diplomatic-consular Missions and does not imply automatically the enrollment in the degree course that will be completed only and exclusively if the candidate correctly submits all the enrolment mandatory documents by the deadline for the course: see page enrollment-procedures 

Deadline for submission of Universitaly applications

In order to allow the validation by the University of the Pre-enrolment applications on Universitaly in suitable time for the processing by the Embassies/Consulates within the closing date of study visas release, the online “pre-enrolment request” on UNIVERSITALY portal must be finalized and submitted by the candidates according to the following deadlines:

  • Laurea and Laurea Magistrale a ciclo unico degree courses: expire on 31 May 2024.  WARNING: deadline extended to 15 June 2024 only for courses taught in Italian
  • Laurea Magistrale degree courses: expire on 30 September 2024
  • Degrees with national admission test: For information and specific deadlines, please refer to the call for applications at the web page
  • International students applying for a visa exempted from the language test and from the quotas according to the "Circular" PART III, 1, 1.2 “Exemption from proficiency test and quotas ": 31 July 2024
  • Students admitted to double or joint degrees and students receiving scholarships under European Union education, training and research programmes ("Erasmus Mundus"/"Erasmus Plus"): 30 November 2024.

Universaitaly Applications submitted after the indicated deadlines will be rejected by the University.

Places reserved (quotas) for international students applying for a visa

Non-EU students applying for a study visa with residency abroad can apply according to the number of places reserved (quotas). 


The maximum number of the Universitaly “pre-enrolment requests”, which will be acquired according to the chronological order of submission, will be 3 times the number of places reserved for the entire contingent.


The maximum number of the Universitaly “pre-enrolment requests” from a given country, which will be acquired according to the chronological order of submission, will be equal to the number of places reserved for the entire contingent.

After the maximum number of eligible applications has been reached, the applications will be rejected by the University.

For candidates who have chosen a degree course with national admission  test, Universitaly pre-enrolment application will be validated just in case the candidate is among the winners of the ranking related to the chosen course. For procedures and related deadlines please check the call for admissions of your chosen course in the web page

Mandatory documents for the Universitaly application

Applicants are required to upload on the Universitaly portal all documents necessary for administrative and academic evaluation according to the entry requirements of each course:

  1. Valid passport
  2. Passport size photograph
  3. Study documents of the foreign qualification for access to the course as listed on the web page: list-of-study-documents;
  4. as an alternative:
    • Statement of comparability of academic qualification by CIMEA (Information Center on Mobility and Academic Equivalences)
    • Declaration of Value, by the Diplomatic/Consular representation that is competent for the territory
    • Certification of Foreign Centres of the ENIC/NARIC network
    • For the 55 signatory countries of the Lisbon Recognition Convention: Statement of correspondence available for download in the ARDI database (Automatic Recognition Database Italia).
  5. Statement of verification of academic qualification by CIMEA (Information Center on Mobility and Academic Equivalences). If the issuing of the Certificate of Verification is not possible for the country of qualification, the legalization/apostille of the qualification itself will be required
  6. Curriculum Vita
  7. Adeguate English skills certification B1 or B2 Level or equivalent for English language courses/curricula;
  8. Only for non-EU applicants applying for a visa who apply for a course in Italian: certificate of competence in Italian of minimum level B2 issued under the CLIQ quality system (if in possession). If you do not have this certification, you must take the Italian language test.

Applications incomplete of the documents required and necessary for the correct assessment of the suitability of the foreign qualification and the possession of the minimum requirements for enrollment (in particular in relation to the Statement of comparability/DV/Statement of verification/certification English language) will be, at the discretion of the University and based on the documentation sent, validated subject to the integration of the missing documentation. Applications without the necessary documents and required for the correct assessment of the suitability of the foreign qualification and the possession of the minimum requirements for enrollment will be refused.

Italian Language Test

The Italian language test is mandatory for all non-EU citizens residing abroad and requiring a study visa who want to attend a degree course taught in Italian, except in cases of exemption. In order to know exactly all cases of exemption from test, consult the the ministerial circular contained in the section " TEST OF PROFICIENCY IN THE ITALIAN LANGUAGE ".

Students who have already achieved a certificate of proficiency, awarded as determined by the CLIQ (Società Dante Alighieri, Università per Stranieri di Perugia, Università per Stranieri di Siena e Università degli Studi Roma Tre) and with a grade not below the B2 level of the Council of Europe, are exempted from taking the test.

Neverthless, the certificate has to be obtained before submitting the pre-enrolment application on Universitaly (for the visa request) and no later than 31 July 2024.

Students wishing to attend a degree program entirely taught in English, or a degree program providing at least a curriculum in English, do not have to take the Italian language test, but must be in possession, in the pre-enrolment application, of adeguate English language certification.

For the academic year 2024-2025, the Italian language test, will be organized by the University ON LINE. Students who have to take the test will be contacted at the email address indicated in the Universitaly application and will receive instructions for the performance of the test.

Those who will not be present at the test on the day and time indicated or who, due to technical problems not attributable to the University, will not be able to carry out the test, will be considered waivers and CANNOT REPEAT THE TEST.

The test consists in reading and understanding a short text of a magazine or a book in Italian or in viewing and commenting in Italian on an image and in a short interview.

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