Umbria and Perugia: an overview

Umbria, a small region in Central Italy, is located in the very center of the Italian peninsula. Its territory is characterized by green hills and small historical towns scattered throughout the region. It is often referred to as “the Green Heart of Italy”.


Umbria is bordered by Marche, Lazio, and Tuscany and does not have a coastline. The Trasimeno Lake is its main body of water and the Tiber, the third-longest river in Italy, flows from northwest to southeast across the lovely countryside. The Appennine ridge of the Umbria region includes beautiful natural parks, with scenic hiking trails and a rich flora and fauna.

The capital of the region is Perugia, where the Università degli Studi di Perugia, founded in 1308, is located. The city, covering two hilltops (the Colle Landone and the Colle del Sole) is a well-known cultural center, and annually hosts several social events, among which the Umbria Jazz Festival, the International Journalism Festival and the Eurochocolate Festival.  The climate is Mediterranean, with hot summers and cold winters. The main University building is located in the city center, whereas the different Departments are in different areas of the city.

To see the location of the main building (Rettorato) of the Università degli Studi di Perugia on a map, please click on the following link:

The Università degli Studi di Perugia also has branch offices and holds courses in other Umbrian towns, such as Terni, Narni, Assisi and Foligno.

Courses held in other locations in Umbria

Getting here

By Air

The Umbria International Airport "San Francesco d’Assisi" is located just outside the small town of Sant’Egidio. To see the location of the Airport on a map, please click on the following link:

Official website:

Perugia can be reached from the airport San Francesco by shuttle bus (800 099 661) or by renting a car or taking a taxi directly at the airport.

Visit or the following link for an updated timetable of shuttle buses:


Perugia can also be reached by landing at the  Fiumicino Airport, which is around 200 km away.

From the Fiumicino Airport we suggest taking a direct bus to Perugia, operated by the company “SULGA”. From the International terminal T3, in order to get to the bus stop, one must turn right and walk straight for 150 meters. The bus is white and has the company name "Sulga" written on the side (see picture for reference). Official website:


The first bus leaves in the morning and the last one in the afternoon. After stopping at the Tiburtina train station, it takes about 3 hours to get to Piazza Partigiani in Perugia.

For the updated timetables from Fiumicino Airport to Perugia, or from Perugia to Fiumicino Airport (in addition, a round-trip Ravenna-Fiumicino line through Perugia is also available), please see:

In Piazza Partigiani there is a taxi hub very close to the Bus Station, as well as bus stops.

If no taxis are available, there is a taxi service line available 24/7: +39 075 5004888

Piazza Partigiani

There are also trains from Fiumicino to the Roma Termini station. From Roma Termini there are several connections each day to Perugia, although often it is necessary to change at Terontola or Foligno. Please note that all tickets must be validated, stamping them in one of the yellow machines found on platforms or in the entrance hall of the train station.  Do this just before you get on the train.

For an updated timetable, please visit:

By Car

Autostrada A1 (Firenze-Roma)

If you are coming from the North exit at “Valdichiana” and take the SS75, exiting at “Perugia San Faustino” or “Perugia Prepo”. If you are coming from the South exit at Orte, take the E45 and follow the directions to Perugia. Exit at “Perugia San Faustino” or “Perugia Prepo”.

Autostrada A14 "Adriatica" (Bologna-Taranto)

From Rimini-Cesena to Città di Castello and then take the E45 to Perugia. From Fano to Gubbio and then to Perugia. From Fano proceed in the direction of Gubbio, then to Perugia. From  Pescara follow the directions for Terni Via L’Aquila-Rieti and then to Perugia. From Civitanova Marche to Foligno and then to Perugia.

Superstrada E 45 Cesena - Orte

Exit at Perugia and follow the signs for the university district (Zona Universitaria).

When exiting the motorway near Perugia, we suggest taking the exit “Perugia Prepo” or “Perugia San Faustino”.

By Train

Direct train service is available to Perugia from Rome, Florence and Milan. For timetables and fare information, consult:

Validating your ticket

When taking trains in Italy, it is important to remember to validate your tickets. To do this you must stamp your ticket using one of the yellow machines (obliteratrice – see picture) found on platforms or in the entrance hall of the train station.  You must do this just before getting on the train.


When arriving in Perugia by train, please note that the main station is “Perugia”, not “Perugia Ponte San Giovanni” (a suburb of Perugia) or “Perugia Università” (out of town, near the Engineering Department).

Getting around Perugia

The main headquarters of the Università degli Studi di Perugia are just a 5-minute walk away (downhill) from the city center. There also buses, the minimetrò and public escalators that can help you move around. 

Tickets can be purchased at every news-stand or tobacconist shop and can be used both for buses and the minimetrò.  Remember that tickets must be validated before boarding. To validate your ticket you must stamp it using one of the machines situated at the front or back of the bus or at the entrances of the Minimetrò stations.  Tickets have a validity of 70 minutes after said validation, regardless of the number of bus or minimetrò rides.


The bus network in Perugia is quite extensive, reaching all the most important places such as the hospital, train station, and shopping malls.  For routes and timetables, please consult

Printed booklets of bus schedules can also be obtained at the ticket booth in Piazza Italia, Piazza Partigiani and at the Perugia Fontivegge Railway station.


In 2008, Perugia introduced the new minimetrò system reaching several destinations within the city as well as the area of the Stadium, where the Engineering Department is located.


For routes and timetables, please consult

By Car: ZTL (Restricted access areas)

Most Italian city centres are overcrowded and unsuitable for a large amount of traffic.  To solve this problem, the Italian government created the Z.T.L. (Zona traffico limitato) or Limited traffic area, where cars can enter only during certain times of the day.  In Perugia the times allowed are: Monday to Saturday from 1 pm to midnight and on Sundays and public holidays from 7 am to midnight.  Guests staying in hotels located in the city center can enter the ZTL at any time. Unauthorized entry to this area of the city will result in a fine.


As there aren’t many taxi hubs in Perugia it is usually a good idea to book your taxi in advance using one of the following numbers:

  • Fontivegge Station Tel: +39 075 5010800
  • Corso Vannucci Tel: +39 075 572 1979
  • Piazza Italia Tel: +39 075 573 6092
  • Largo Cacciatori delle Alpi Tel: +39 075 573 6096
  • RADIOTAXI service Tel: +39 075 500 4888 – this service cannot be booked in advance.

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