Università degli Studi di Perugia

Accommodation for students wishing to enroll

Accommodation in a Hall of Residence

Access to accommodation and cafeteria services as well as the related scholarships are provided for by a Public Call for Applications, published each year on www.adisu.umbria.it  by the Regional Agency A.Di.S.U. (Agenzia per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario dell'Umbria). The winner students are provided with a suitable accommodation in one of its Halls of Residence. For further details regarding the University Residences and related services, please visit the website: www.adisu.umbria.it

Short term accommodation

Should you need a place to stay temporarily you can opt for a Youth Hostel or a Hotel.

For a list of all Youth Hostels and Hotels in Perugia:

Accommodation and WiFi for incoming exchange students

We can provide our Incoming Students with suitable accommodations in one of our Halls of Residence. The reservation process will be managed directly by the Student Mobility Office through an internal agreement with Adisu (Agenzia per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario dell’Umbria). Students can apply for this additional service directly on line by simply ticking the corresponding box when filling out the Student Application form.

For further details regarding our University Residences, please consult  this page.

Please be advised that the Residence is directly assigned by Adisu according to availability and, whenever possible, its proximity with the Department that the student will be attending. Therefore the student cannot directly choose his/her Residence.

Double rooms (two people sharing the same room) are usually available. The monthly rent cost per person for Incoming Students, in a shared, double-room apartment, is €150, including all utility costs (plus € 5,00 for each optional linen kit – minimum 2 kits per months).

Private accommodation is allowed but a regular renting contract must be signed.

Another website that can help you find a private accommodation is: CERCALLOGGIO ONLINE.

Note that these are directly managed by the owners.


We provide our International students with a free Wi-Fi internet access service that can be used at the University’s libraries and laboratories. This service is activated on registration day upon request by the student.
Erasmus students coming from Institutions participating in the worldwide roaming access service "EDUROAM" will be able to obtain internet connectivity throughout the Università degli Studi di Perugia by simply logging in with the same authentication credentials used at their home universities. Before leaving, please verify if your University is a member of the EDUROAM network

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