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Candidates who are successful and admitted to doctoral courses for the XXXIV cycle (A.A. 2018/19) must apply for enrollment exclusively online from 4 October 2018 to 12 October 2018 (on penalty of exclusion) by logging in SOL, following the instructions below:

  1. Access in SOL (On Line Services) from the site https://unipg.esse3.cineca.it/Home.do

- Click on " AUTENTICAZIONE " and "login" using the credentials for access to SOL, the same you used for the candidature to the selection

- If you do not remember the credentials, perform the recovery procedure by connecting to the page Credentials recovery (https://unipg.esse3.cineca.it/Anagrafica/PasswordDimenticata.do;jsessionid=546BFDBE2CEC7F1C6F3EC298DE559615.esse3-unipg-prod-02).

  1.  Fill in the application for enrollment

After logging in, fill in the online application form by clicking on the menu item SEGRETERIA-IMMATRICOLAZIONE and entering all the information and attachments requested in the wizard including a passport size photograph. If you cannot register to INPS (iscrizione alla gestione separata INPS) by the end of the enrollment deadline, the receipt may be submitted to the PhD, Masters and Post-Graduate Courses Office also afterwards.

List of documents to be completed and uploaded to SOL for the winners admitted to the doctorate courses:

  1. Dichiarazione borsa e compatibilità  - acceptance scholarship and compatibility

List of documents to be completed and uploaded to SOL for the winners admitted with PhD scholarship:

  1. Dichiarazione sostitutiva Unica di Ateneo(DUA) - Guida alla compilazione
  2. Ricevuta o autocertificazione di iscrizione alla gestione separata I.N.P.S. (Iscrizione INPS)

More details concerning the online procedure

  1. Complete the enrollment

At the end of the completion of the enrollment wizard, print the I enrollment bulletin.

  1. Payment

Make the payment of the matriculation registration bulletin at any Unicredit Banca agency or by connecting to the PagoPA platform.


  1. Improving registration

Enrollment is considered completed with the payment of the first enrollment rate. Once the payment has been verified, you will be contacted by e-mail from the Ufficio Dottorati, Master e Corsi post-lauream in order to arrange an appointment for collecting the University Card and present, for those who did not upload it to SOL, the receipt of the registration for the separate INPS management (iscrizione alla gestione separata INPS).

For further information, please contact ufficio.dottorati@unipg.it


Available PHD programs at University of Perugia:

  1. Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Science and Biotechnology - Roberto Buonaurio (roberto.buonaurio@unipg.it) more details
  2. Biotechnology - Prof. Daniele Fioretto (daniele.fioretto@unipg.it) more details
  3. Chemical Sciences - Prof. Piergiorgio Casavecchia (piergiorgio.casavecchia@unipg.it) more details
  4. Clinical and experimental medicine - Prof. Paolo Calabresi (paolo.calabresi@unipg.it) more details
  5. Consumer Law - Prof. Lorenzo Mezzasoma (lorenzo.mezzasoma@unipg.it) more details
  6. Economics - Prof. Cristiano Perugini (cristiano.perugini@unipg.it) more details
  7. Energy and Sustainable Development - Prof. Franco Cotana (franco.cotana@unipg.it) more details
  8. Health and Veterinary Experimental Sciences - Prof. Marco Pepe (marco.pepe@unipg.it) more details
  9. History, Arts and Languages in the Ancient and Modern Europe - Prof. Hermann Dorowin (hermann.dorowin@unipg.it) more details
  10. Human Sciences - Prof. Cristina Papa (cristina.papa@unipg.it) more details
  11. Industrial and Information Engineering - Prof. Ermanno Cardelli (ermanno.cardelli@unipg.it) more details
  12. Legal Sciences - Prof. Maria Rosaria Marella (maria.marella@unipg.it) more details
  13. Pharmaceutical Sciences - Prof. Antonio Macchiarulo (antonio.macchiarulo@unipg.it) more details
  14. Politics, public policies and globalization - Prof. Paolo Mancini (paolo.mancini@unipg.it) more details
  15. Science and Technology for Physics and Geology - Prof. Giovanni Carlotti (giovanni.carlotti@unipg.it) more details
  16. Systems biology in immune and infectious diseases - Prof. Paolo Puccetti (paolo.puccetti@unipg.it) more details
  17. Translational Medicine and Surgery - Coordinator: Prof. Paolo Gresele (paolo.gresele@unipg.it) more details


For further information, please contact ufficio.dottorati@unipg.it

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