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At the moment there are no call open. 

If you are a student who has graduated abroad, you are eligible for a reserved scholarship for one of the PhD courses offered by the University of Perugia.


If you wish to apply a PhD position in our University (XXXIII Cycle, AY 2017-2018) you have to follow the instructions set in the call and the related appendix 1 and 2, by using the attached forms.

You can do so by email to phd@unipg.it

The deadline is set on August 28th 2017

If you know Italian language you can submit the application online by following the instructions as per the pertinent call for application and related annexes. 

For further information on how to fill out and submit your application, please contact Ufficio Concorsi (office in charge of competion) at +39 075 585 2045 – ufficio.concorsi@unipg.it

Call for PhD program – XXXIII cycle (English version) and appendix 1 (English version) and appendix 1 (deadline 28/08/2017)

Partial amendment of Appendix 1 to the Call for Applications for admission to the PhD programs – XXXIII cycle, A.Y. 2017/2018

Application forms

The scholarship amount is € 13.638,47 per year, for three years. Furthermore, the scholarship is increased up to 50% of the scholarship itself for periods spent abroad. For the second and third year is also available a budget of € 1363,84 p/year for research and mobility activities.


Available PHD programs at University of Perugia:

  1. Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Science and Biotechnology - Roberto Buonaurio (roberto.buonaurio@unipg.it) more details
  2. Biotechnology - Prof. Daniele Fioretto (daniele.fioretto@unipg.it) more details
  3. Chemical Sciences - Prof. Piergiorgio Casavecchia (piergiorgio.casavecchia@unipg.it) more details
  4. Clinical and experimental medicine - Prof. Paolo Calabresi (paolo.calabresi@unipg.it) more details
  5. Consumer Law - Prof. Lorenzo Mezzasoma (lorenzo.mezzasoma@unipg.it) more details
  6. Economics - Prof. Cristiano Perugini (cristiano.perugini@unipg.it) more details
  7. Energy and Sustainable Development - Prof. Franco Cotana (franco.cotana@unipg.it) more details
  8. Health and Veterinary Experimental Sciences - Prof. Marco Pepe (marco.pepe@unipg.it) more details
  9. History, Arts and Languages in the Ancient and Modern Europe - Prof. Hermann Dorowin (hermann.dorowin@unipg.it) more details
  10. Human Sciences - Prof. Cristina Papa (cristina.papa@unipg.it) more details
  11. Industrial and Information Engineering - Prof. Ermanno Cardelli (ermanno.cardelli@unipg.it) more details
  12. Legal Sciences - Prof. Maria Rosaria Marella (maria.marella@unipg.it) more details
  13. Pharmaceutical Sciences - Prof. Antonio Macchiarulo (antonio.macchiarulo@unipg.it) more details
  14. Politics, public policies and globalization - Prof. Paolo Mancini (paolo.mancini@unipg.it) more details
  15. Science and Technology for Physics and Geology - Prof. Giovanni Carlotti (giovanni.carlotti@unipg.it) more details
  16. Systems biology in immune and infectious diseases - Prof. Paolo Puccetti (paolo.puccetti@unipg.it) more details
  17. Translational Medicine and Surgery - Coordinator: Prof. Paolo Gresele (paolo.gresele@unipg.it) more details


For further information, please contact ufficio.dottorati@unipg.it

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