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PhD 2019

The courses, which will start on November 1st, 2019 and last for three years, can be accessed through a public selection whose deadline is 31/07/2019. 


Available PHD programs at University of Perugia:

  1. Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Science and Biotechnology - Emidio Albertini (emidio.albertini@unipg.it) more details
  2. Biotechnology - Prof. Daniele Fioretto (daniele.fioretto@unipg.it) more details
  3. Chemical Sciences - Prof. Luigi Vaccaro (luigi.vaccaro@unipg.it) more details
  4. Civil and Environmental Engineering - Prof. Filippo Ubertini (filippo.ubertini@unipg.it) more details
  5. Clinical and experimental medicine - Prof. Paolo Calabresi (paolo.calabresi@unipg.it) more details
  6. Consumer Law - Prof. Lorenzo Mezzasoma (lorenzo.mezzasoma@unipg.it) more details
  7. Economics - Institutions, Business and Quantitative Methods - Prof. Francesco Rizzi (francesco.rizzi@unipg.it) more details
  8. Energy and Sustainable Development - Prof. Franco Cotana (franco.cotana@unipg.it) more details
  9. Ethics of Communication, Scientific Research and Technological Innovation - Prof. Massimo Borghesi (massimo.borghesi@unipg.it) more details
  10. Health and Veterinary Experimental Sciences - Prof. Marco Pepe (marco.pepe@unipg.it) more details
  11. History, Arts and Languages in the Ancient and Modern Europe - Prof. Hermann Dorowin (hermann.dorowin@unipg.it) more details
  12. Human Sciences - Prof. Furia Valori (furia.valori@unipg.it) more details
  13. Industrial and Information Engineering - Prof. Ermanno Cardelli (ermanno.cardelli@unipg.it) more details
  14. Legality, Political Cultures and Democracy - Prof. Fausto Proietti (fausto.proietti@unipg.it)more details
  15. Legal Sciences - Prof. Maria Rosaria Marella (maria.marella@unipg.it) more details
  16. Pharmaceutical Sciences - Prof. Antonio Macchiarulo (antonio.macchiarulo@unipg.it) more details
  17. Science and Technology for Physics and Geology - Prof. Giovanni Carlotti (giovanni.carlotti@unipg.it) more details
  18. Systems biology in immune and infectious diseases - Prof. Paolo Puccetti (paolo.puccetti@unipg.it) more details
  19. Translational Medicine and Surgery - Coordinator: Prof. Paolo Gresele (paolo.gresele@unipg.it) more details


For further information, please contact ufficio.dottorati@unipg.it

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