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Request of Residence permit for study

Once you have obtained your entry visa for study purposes, upon your arrival in Italy,  within 8 days of your arrival in Italy, before enrollment  you must submit the request for a permit of stay for study reasons (University).

The application may be presented through an authorized Post Office in the city where you intend to reside, using the specific application kit (that is to say, an envelope containing the required forms, together with the pertinent instructions), available at the aforementioned post offices. 

After completing and signing the forms, students must go to the post office, with the following documents:

  1. The filled-out forms, inside an open envelope;
  2. A € 16 revenue stamp;
  3. The original passport along with a photocopy of the pages containing their personal data as well as the stamps of entry and exit visas from the country;
  4. A photocopy of their health insurance policy or that of the registration in the Italian Health National System “Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN)”;
  5. Copy of a document proving the availability of sufficient financial means for the duration of the stay in Italy; the same documents used to require a visa or a bank/post account statement can be presented, or an official letter confirming that the scholarship has been awarded, its amount and duration;
  6. Documents proving that the student has a suitable accommodation in Italy.

When submitting the application at the post office, all foreign students are to be identified and will have to pay the fees for the permit.

The post office staff will schedule an appointment on behalf of the applicant at the Police Office in charge of foreign citizens (Ufficio stranieri) for photo-identification purposes. On the day of the appointment applicants will have to submit an enrolment certificate that the student can request, after enrolling, at the Student Office  (Segreteria studenti) of the pertinent degree course.

A copy of the receipt of the issuance of the permit of stay must be submitted when enrolling.

Renewal of Residence permit for study

Two months before the expiry date of your Residence permit, you must return to the post office to collect a renewal kit, which must include the documents listed above and a photocopy of the certificate with exams  that the student can request  at the Student Office  (Segreteria studenti) of the pertinent degree course.

Upload in SOL of the new residence permit or receipts of the issuance of the permit:

Once you have obtained the new residence permit or the receipts for the application, proceed to upload it into the SOL following the procedure:

1. Enter the SOL 

2. Select from the menu  “Registrar Office” /"Residence Permits"; 

4. Select "Upload new residence permit " and insert: date of issue or date of application for permit, expiry date and type of permit;

5. Upload the front/back document;

6. Open an ticket (“select “CORSI DI LAUREA/QUESITO DI NATURA AMMINISTRATIVA”)  to the Student Office stating that you have completed the procedure

You can check the processing status at the web page using the login password corresponding to the number on the postal receipt.

Registration with the Anagrafe – UE students

Citizens belonging to European Union countries, as well as those from Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and the Swiss Confederation, the Republic of San Marino and the Holy See, wishing to enroll in a degree course at an Italian University, should apply for registration, before the end of their three-month stay in Italy, at the registry office of the Municipality where they intend to reside following the conditions, modality and terms fixed by Legislative Decree n. 30 of 6 February 2007.

In order to be registered , EU citizens must present, at the Ufficio Anagrafe (or other pertinent office in the municipality of residence):

  • A valid Identity card issued in the country of origin (must be valid for travelling abroad) or passport;
  • Certificate of enrollment in a degree course. The duration of the course must be specified in the certificate;
  • Personal Health Insurance policy covering all health costs within the national territory (valid for a minimum of 1 year or not less than the duration of the degree course or professional training course, where said duration is less than one year)
  • Proper documentation proving the availability of sufficient financial means for the duration of the stay in Italy.

Once obtained the registration the candidate can request the “attestato di iscrizione anagrafica” (registry office certificate). Both the certificate and the application for the certificate require the payment of a stamp duties and other municipal fees.

How to obtain an italian Fiscal Code

The Fiscal Code is a code, consisting of letters and numbers that is used by Italian public administrations to identify, in an unambiguous manner, individuals and non-individuals with regard to their relations with Italian institutions and public bodies.

Citizens residing abroad can apply for the tax code at the Italian diplomatic and consular representation in the country of residence.

In order to obtain a fiscal code once arrived in Italy, the following documents must be submitted to one of the “Agenzia delle Entrate” (Local Revenue Offices), along with the application form, (available for download on the Agenzia delle Entrate - National Revenue Agency - website*).

The following documents must be also presented:

  • For Italian or EU citizens: a valid identification document;
  • For non-EU citizens:
    • A currently valid passport. The entry visa must have been issued not before than 90 days prior;
    • Or: A valid permit of stay, or the receipt of the application with photo; if the permit of stay has expired expired, but a renewal has already been requested within 30 days from the expiration date, students must also submit the related payment receipts (made by postal order);
    • Or: The applicant’s certification of identity (with photos), issued by the Italian diplomatic or consular representation in the country of origin.

The Agenzia delle Entrate di Perugia (Local Revenue Office) is located in Via Canali, 12, Perugia, Tel. 075/9110111


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