Our University guarantees support and assistance to special needs and differently-abled students during their university career through the adoption of a series of services and initiatives coordinated and monitored by a Delegate appointed by the Rector. The Rector's Delegate, along with the professors nominated as advisors by each Department, the University Commission (composed of three professors), the Administrative Director, and the Manager of the University's Information Booth for Differently-abled Students, each year plans and promotes activities, in accordance with current regulations, and research programmes.

The Information Booth for differently-abled students is located within the University Orientation Office. The information booth staff offers assistance to differently-abled students with regard to orientation, choosing courses, and, after graduation, their transition to the labour force. The booth serves as a hand-in point for the forms which must be completed by students during enrolment so that they can take advantage of an exoneration from or a reduction in university fees due (if eligible) as well as to explain any difficulties in or obstacles to studying at the university so that appropriate arrangements can be made. The information booth also handles the organisation and participation of differently-abled students in the international exchange programmes offered by the University. Each Department appoints a professor to serve as a reference for differently-abled students studying within that department. These professors serve as consultants for the planning and improvement of services offered to differently-abled students, identifying didactic and technical support systems including tutoring and interpretation services.

Specialised tutoring

This is a tutoring service which is personalised based on the disability type, severity of the disability and the student's individual learning needs. Tutors are chosen who possess specific expertise relative to the student's chosen degree programme. Tutors are also chosen taking into consideration the academic year in progress based on the annual plan formulated with the department advisor.

Student sustainment service

This service is provided upon request by students in need of assistance
in attending certain courses, taking exams, gaining access to the libraries, completing the necessary bureaucratic forms, and taking part in various activities organised by each department.

Computers for visually challenged students

Computers are available at the L.I.F.U, the computer laboratory at the Humanities Department, located in Via del Verzaro, 59, Perugia.

Services for students with disabilities or with SLD


Servizio di supporto agli studenti con disabilità
Piazza Università 1 - 06123 - Perugia
075 585 2870 - 2171 - 2190
Email: servizio.disabilita@unipg.it

Servizio di supporto agli studenti con DSA
Piazza Università 1 - 06123 - Perugia
075 585 2870 - 2171 - 2190
Email: servizio.dsa@unipg.it

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