Both enrolled and Incoming Students have the possibility to benefit from the services of the Adisu cafeterias, where food quality is a top priority, whether it is local or international cuisine that is being served.

In addition to these, three other cafeterias and seven restaurants have signed an agreement with the University of Perugia at its branch campuses in Terni, Assisi, Foligno and Narni. Within these facilities, both full meals and single portions can be bought at reduced prices.

For a complete list of all Adisu cafeterias, please visit:

In order to be able to take advantage of student cafeterias and special prices, Incoming Students must possess a Mensa (Cafeteria) card. To obtain this card, students must go to the Adisu Headquarters.


Adisu also manages 3 cafés respectively located at La Casa dello Studente in Via Innamorati and at the Department of Engineering. The 100dieci café, located near the main cafeteria, is not only a meeting point where students can gather for a coffee or a quick meal but also a place where they can study or hold cultural events.

For a complete list of all Adisu cafés, please visit:

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