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All students and course candidates who have obtained a final and/or partial foreign qualification and who intend to enrol at Italian higher education institutions, follow different admission procedures depending on citizenship and residence permit

Procedures and requirements are set out on the basis of the Ministerial Circular on International Student Access.

Italian candidates with a foreign qualification/ from the European Union wherever resident /from outside the European Union duly resident in Italy

For a preliminary administrative and academic assessment, according to the entry requirements of each course, students interested in enrolling in an first cycle level  and second cycle level course of the University must send to the e-mail address their application specifying the course of study of their interest and attaching:

  1. the study documents necessary for the correct assessment according to the course of interest (bachelor’s and single-cycle or master’s degree): the list is available on the page List of study documents with references to specific requirements for certain countries
  2. a document of identity
  3. in the case of a non-EU citizen residing duly in Italy: residence permit valid for enrollment at the University.

Students from Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and the Swiss Confederation, the Republic of San Marino and the Holy See are also considered comparable to European candidate. In the case of dual citizenship, where one of which is Italian or of another EU country, it is the Italian or other EU citizenship which takes precedence.

The following residence permits issued by the Italian State (as expressly indicated in art.39, paragraph 5, of Legislative Decree no. 286 of July 25, 1998) are considered valid for the purposes of registration in the EU equivalent category:

  1. EU residence permit for long-term stay;
  2. residence permit for subordinate work or for self-employment;
  3. residence permit for family reasons;
  4. residence permit for asylum, for subsidiary protection or special reasons;
  5. residence permit for religious reasons;
  6. residence permit for reasons of social protection, for victims of domestic violence, for particular labour exploitation;
  7. residence permit for acts of particular civil value;
  8. residence document in electronic format for UK citizens issued on the basis of the Art. 50 TUE – Art. 18.4 of the Withdrawal Agreement EU-UK;
  9. diplomatic residence permit for consular mission or international organization working in Italy and accredited by the Italian Government or the Holy See;
  10. residence permits issued to foreigners legally resident for at least one year in possession of an upper secondary school qualification obtained in Italy.
  11. residence permit for study if: 
    • issued for the attendance of single courses and/or foundation courses, can be renewed for access to the various training courses, provided it is functional to these courses
    • issued for regular enrolment in an Italian university, can be renewed in the case of a transfer or a change of programme for the following academic year (you must certify that you have passed at least one exam in the first year and at least two exams from the second year onwards). The decision to interrupt studies results in a shortcoming of the requisites stipulated for the stay in the national territory and, consequently, in the withdrawal of the authorising permit, as well as the obligation to leave the National Territory.

Access to higher education courses, on equal terms with Italian students, is however guaranteed to foreigners, wherever resident, who are holders of final secondary school diplomas of Italian schools abroad or of foreign or international schools, operating in Italy or abroad, subject to bilateral agreements or special regulations for the recognition of educational qualifications and who meet the general conditions required for entry for study purposes.

Attention:  a student residence permit issued to attend a course of Italian language, as well as an Exchange programme, is not valid for University enrolment as a EU-student, so you need to ask again for a Study Visa (via Universitaly) and a new related permit of stay.

Non-EU Citizens residing abroad and requiring a Study Visa

Non-European Community foreign citizens residing abroad must apply for a university study/enrolment visa at the Italian consular diplomatic mission of the country of residence and have access of the specific number of places reserved for visa applicants and residents abroad.

To apply for a visa they must access the UNIVERSITALY portal in order to fill in the relative “pre-enrolment request” online.

For additional information, please check the dedicated web page How to apply

Attention: The final decision on the issue of a visa for study purposes is the exclusive jurisdiction of the diplomatic/consular Mission. The approval of a pre-enrolment request for a study course by higher education institutions does not automatically imply the issue of the visa.

Degrees with national admission  test

It is mandatory to sit an entry test for admission to national fixed quota university courses:

  • Laurea degree and Laurea Magistrale degree courses directly intended for the qualification of Architect;
  • Laurea Magistrale degree course in Medicine and Surgery and Laurea Magistrale degree course in Odontoiatrics and Dental Prostheses;
  • Laurea Magistrale degree course in Veterinary Medicine;
  • Laurea degree and Laurea Magistrale degree courses in Healthcare Professions;
  • Laurea Magistrale degree course in Primary Education Science

For information and specific deadlines, please refer to the call for applications at the web page

Studenti Marco Polo

Chinese citizens are taking part in the Marco Polo Project, refer to the information provided by the Ministry for online pre-enrolment (

Quota reserved for the Marco Polo Project A.Y. 2024/25 

Quota reserved for the Marco Polo Project A.Y. 2025/26

Access to PhD programmes

For enrolment in “Dottorati di ricerca” courses please refer to the call for applications at the web page 

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