The tutoring service consists of a series of activities and initiatives aimed at assisting students throughout their university career, enhancing their knowledge of educational and training development. The service offers various types of activities: individual tutoring, support tutoring for teaching activities, and tutoring in itinere; each form of tutoring has special tutors, who are qualified to fully satisfy the various needs of the students.

Individual tutoring aims to find solutions to general problems that students may face during their educational activity throughout their entire period of study.

Support tutoring for teaching activities aims to assist students lacking basic knowledge in certain subjects, as well as support them during their training activities and prepare them for exams.

Tutoring in itinere aims to enhance the relationship between students and professors and between students and the didactic registrar, with a view to improving both the organizational aspects of didactic and administrative activities provided by the Department, and the responsible participation of students in these activities.

Individual tutors are professors or researchers of the Department, each of whom provides support to students enrolled in the first year of their degree programme right through to its completion. Students may contact their individual tutor if in doubt about the method of study, and to obtain advice regarding their chosen activities or degree thesis, in order to give them a clearer idea of which degree programme best suits their own professional aspirations. The tutor may also provide guidelines in terms of logistics and organisation, or provide information regarding the possibility of studying and working abroad in relation to their own specific degree course.

Individual tutors are allocated to each student by the Tutoring Committee at the beginning of the Academic Year by the month of October. In order to find out who one's tutor is, all one has to do is contact the Segreteria Didattica of each Department.

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