Università degli Studi di Perugia

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The Student Council is a representative body composed of students, whose role covers various proactive, advisory and monitory functions.


  • FRATINI FEDERICO [Rep. Faculty of Law] [Rep. SA (Academic Senate)] [federico.fratini@gmail.com]
  • PALADINO ENEA [Rep. Faculty of Law] [eneapaladino@hotmail.it]
  • BALZANO SAVINO [Rep. Faculty of Political Science] [savino.balzano@hotmail.it]
  • FORNARI FEDERICO [Rep. Faculty of Political Science][Rep. SA (Academic Senate)] [federico.fornari@gmail.com]
  • TOSTI GIADA [Rep. Faculty of Economics] [giady86@virgilio.it]
  • PISTELLI ANGELA [Rep. Faculty of Economics] [angella_pistelli@virgilio.it]
  • SMACCHIA STEFANO [Rep. Faculty of Economics] [smack3@hotmail.it]
  • MORI MATTIA [Rep. Faculty of Economics] [Rep. CdA (Board of directors) ][mattix03@alice.it]
  • ASCENTE MARIO [Rep. Faculty of Arts and Humanities][demarius@hotmail.it]
  • CAPORALI AURORA [Rep. Faculty of Arts and Humanities] [Rep. SA (Academic Senate)] [aurora.caporali87@gmail.com]
  • GIOVAGNONI JACOPO [Rep. Faculty of Arts and Humanities][turco@hotmail.it]
  • TURRIZIANI CLAUDIO [Rep. Faculty of Arts and Humanities][smilzoo@hotmail.it]
  • FUCCI CIRO [Rep. Faculty of Education] [Vice-President] [fucciciro1989@libero.it]
  • FRATTINI GIULIA [Rep. Faculty of Education] [giuletta.f13@gmail.com]
  • BRUNETTI ALESSANDRO[Rep. Faculty of Medicine] [Rep. SA (Academic Senate)] [maverick2690@hotmail.it]
  • CAGNOLI GIACOMO [Rep. Faculty of Medicine][cagno12@alice.it]
  • GIORGIO MARAZITI [Rep. Faculty of Medicine]] [giorgiomaraziti@tiscali.it]
  • MASSOLI LORENZO [Rep. Faculty of Medicine][guglielmo_bula@hotmail.it]
  • DOLCE BERNARDO [Rep. Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences] [bernaok@hotmail.it]
  • SORBELLI LEONARDO [Rep. Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences][leonardosorbelli@gmail.com]
  • ABENANTE LAURA [Rep. Faculty of Pharmacy] [lallapfs@libero.it]
  • DEL MONTE GIANMARCO [Rep. Faculty of Pharmacy][g.delmonte@hotmail.it]
  • TEBIB OMAR [Rep. Faculty of Engineering] [omere@hotmail.it]
  • MAGRINI ALUNNO RAFFAELE [Rep. Faculty of Engineering] [magriniraffaele@gmail.com]
  • FAZIO AMABILE [Rep. Faculty of Engineering] [Rep. CdA (Board of directors)][cupido1985@libero.it]
  • BLEDION SOTA [Rep. Faculty of Engineering][bledion.sota@live.com]
  • TRANFAGLIA MARCO [Rep. Faculty of Agriculture][marco.tranfaglia@gmail.com]
  • TASSI ALESSANDRO [Rep. Faculty of Agriculture] [President][alessandro_tassi@hotmail.it]
  • MARTINI GIANLUCA [Rep. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine] [gianlucamartini81@yahoo.it]
  • MANNARINO FABIO [Rep. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine] [fabio.mannarino@hotmail.it]
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