International relations
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Conflitti internazionali, studi strategici e analisi di politica estera
Giordano Ciccarelli
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  • 42 ore - Giordano Ciccarelli
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Coorte 2023
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Reference texts
General part: The fundamentals of Strategic Studies

- Giampiero Giacomello Gianmarco Badialetti. "Manuale di Studi Strategici". Ed. Vita e Pensiero 20106
Part one. "Strategic thinking"

- P. Quercia, Compendium of concepts used in the course

- Heidelberg Conflict Barometer and Upsala Conflict Data Program

- Dahl, The Concept of Power, Department of Political Science, Yale university (1957)

- Wright, Realism and Idealism in International Politics, 5 World Politics 116 (1952)

- Baldwin, The concept of Security, Review of International Studies, Vol 23 No. 1 (1997)

- Wolfers, National Security as an ambiguous symbol, Political Science Quarterly, Vol 67 No. 4 (1952)

- Herz, Idealist Internationalism and the Security Dilemma, World Politics

Vol. 2, No. 2 (Jan., 1950), The Johns Hopkins University Press

o Strategy in the ancient world

- Thucydides, The Peloponnesian War

Book 1
Par 24-45 (The war between Corcyra and Corinth)
Par 66-88 (Peloponnesian League decides on War)
Par 120-125 (New meeting of the Allies of Sparta and ultimatum in Athens)
Par 140-146 (Pericles' Speech for War)

Book II
Par 34-46 (Pericles' speech for the fallen of the first year of the war)
Par 47-54 (Spread of the epidemic and consequences for Athens)
Par 60-66 (Pericles reassures the Athenians after the second year of war and Thucydides' judgment on Pericles' strategy)

Book V
Par 84-116 (Athenisi - Melii Dialogue)

- R. Sealey, The causes of the Peloponnesian war, Classical Philology, Vol. 70, No. 2, 1975

- G. Allison, Destined for war? The national interest, Issue 149, 2017

- Sun-tzu, The Art of War

Chap. 1, chap. 2, chap. 3, chap. 6,

G. Ciccarelli Notes on the Art of War by master Sun and Sun Bin and introduction to Taoist thought

o Strategy and war in 19th century Europe

- Karl Von Clausewitz, On War

Book One; Book Two; Book Three; Book Six; Book Eight

- B. M. Simpson III, The essential Clausewitz, Naval War College, Vol. 35 No 2, 1982

- J. T. Sumida, The Clausewitz Problem, Army History, No. 73, 2009.


PPT of the seminars of Col. Giorgio Orio Stirpe, of Lt. Col. Alessandro Rugolo, of Lt. Gen. Mario Ruggero and prof. Paolo Quercia
Educational objectives
Make students aware of the fundamentals of strategic thinking, its historical evolution and the relationships that strategy has with the civil, economic and military world, and in particular in the developments of the international system
Basics of geography, geopolitics, international relations, international law
Teaching methods
Lectures and supplementary seminars
Learning verification modality
Oral exam
Extended program
1. Strategy and evolution of strategic thinking
2. Prohibition, restriction and use of force in the international system, conflict analysis
3. Thucydides and the Peloponnesian War
4. Sun-tzu and the Art of War
5. Clausewitz and On War
6. In-depth seminars
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