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Massimo Billi
  • Massimo Billi
  • 28 ore - Massimo Billi
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Coorte 2021
Type of study-unit
Opzionale (Optional)
Type of learning activities
Attività formativa monodisciplinare
Language of instruction
The course aim to illustrate the complex systemof norms that regulates the banking and insurance area of contracts in Italy, underlining, the discipline of the relationships with clients.
Reference texts
- Banking contracts: AA.VV., "L'attività delle banche", a cura di A. Urbani, ed. Cedam, 2020.
chs. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 (pp. 15 - 58) e 6 (pp. 67 - 79).
chs. 8 - 9 (pp. 93 - 120)
chs. 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 (pp. 143 - 236)
ch. 19 (pp. 239 - 248)
ch. 24 (pp. 303 - 314) - ch. 26 (pp. 331 - 345)
ch. 36 (pp. 441 - 456).

- Insurance area: L: FARENGA, "Manuale di diritto delle assicurazioni private", ed Giappichelli, 2019:
(pp. 3 - 23)
capp. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 (pp. 143 - 206)
capp. 10 - 11 - 12 - 14 (pp. 207 - 248)
capp. 17 - 18 (pp. 275 - 292).
The study of the recommended texts must always be accompanied by careful reading of the most important legislative framework for all subjects, taking into account that these are subject to frequent changes by the legislator.
For a necessary in-depth study of the matter, especially in terms of transparency, consultation of the sites of the Bank of Italy (in particular the part relating to the Supervisory Instructions), ISVAP and CONSOB is required.
The program and examination methods for attending students may be subject to variations at the discretion of the teacher, students who, following the surveys, will have participated in at least 75% of the lessons are considered to be attending.
Educational objectives
The course provides fundamental elements for the theoretical and practical understanding of banking and insurance contracts. It aims to develop the capacity for critical student analysis, useful for further investigations of the discipline as well as for inclusion in banking and insurance companies and in corporate and financial functions of private and public entities, as well as in the professions of agent or insurance broker or real estate.
Besides the examination of Civil law, it is useful to have overcome by Company law examination for a best understanding of the subject.
Teaching methods
The course will be organized in lectures, theoretical-practical discussions. During the course, practical cases will be presented, in order to analyze the various problems that each topic can offer and to stimulate the students to identify the best solution.
Other information
Attendance at classes is highly recommended.
Activities could be organised with the students during the course. Continuous student support is provided.
Learning verification modality
Oral examination. The exam is aimed to verify that the student has learned the basics of the subject, as well as the ability to orient himself among the rules. A mnemonic study of the code is not required, but a knowledge of the rules of the fundamental institutes and reasoning skills.
Extended program
The course is articulated in three parts. A first introduction for the structure of the subjects "bank" and "insurance", furnishing a descriptive approach.
Second part deepens the peculiarities of the banking contracts, with particular reference to the principal typical contracts, “atypical” and contracts used in the routine of the business.
Third part underlines the principal contractual fattispecies used in the activity of the insurances.
In detail;
The context: notions, juridical nature and peculiarity of the bank and insurance areas.
The sources of the discipline of banking and insurance contracts.
The banking contracts: characteristics and categories.
The contracts for the harvest of the saving and the contracts for the disbursement of the credit.
The deposit and the other forms of harvest. Financial bills - The opening of credit - The banking anticipation. Aspects of guarantees and other forms of contracs.
Transparency of banking. The legislative discipline and the new instructions of vigilance.
Usurious affairs, maximum open and anatocismo. Portability of the banking financings.
Non juridicial dispute resolution.
The insurance contracts: characteristics and categories.
The contract of insurance - Risk and prize - The insurance damns - The insurance on the civil responsibility - The insurance life - The insurance against the damages to the person. Transparency in general, transparency of the products and the financial tools.
Debt securities.


Code A000762
Location PERUGIA
Teacher Massimo Billi
Learning activities Affine/integrativa
Area Attività formative affini o integrative
Academic discipline IUS/04
Type of study-unit Opzionale (Optional)


Code A000762
Location PERUGIA
Teacher Massimo Billi
Learning activities Affine/integrativa
Area Attività formative affini o integrative
Academic discipline IUS/04
Type of study-unit Opzionale (Optional)
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