Geosciences for risk and environment management
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Geologia applicata alla salvaguardia e alla pianificazione del territorio
Stefano Casadei
  • Stefano Casadei
  • 52 ore - Stefano Casadei
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Coorte 2023
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Academic discipline
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Opzionale (Optional)
Type of learning activities
Attività formativa monodisciplinare
Language of instruction
Analysis of the problems of design and realization of works, with particular reference to public works law.
Reference texts
1. Paolo Oreto - La contabilità dei lavori, GRAFILL Editore.
2. Lecture delivered by the teacher
Educational objectives
The module concerns the design phases of a system. In particular, the course contents refer to case studies represented by certain types of pumping station and hydroelectric plants. Students must acquire the ability for the various phases of the project, collecting and analyzing data mapping, hydrological data, use of models and software design, tendering process and in particular for public works, project management and accounting work, testing and completion of work. For all the topics developed in the classroom, the student will be exercised to the use of specific tools dedicated to professional practice.
They can be useful to the students the basic knowledge on the issues of hydraulics, hydrology, rural appraisal and accounting and cartography. If the student does not have any knowledge of these subjects is asked to notify the teacher.
Teaching methods
Supporti per l'insegnamento e l'apprendimento: - Video proiezioni delle lezioni - Materiale didattico distribuito dal docente - Testi consigliati per lo studio - Dispense consegnate dal docente.
Modalità di apprendimento (oltre alla frequenza delle attività didattiche): - Lettura e studio personale su testi di riferimento - Lettura e studio personale su materiale consegnato dal docente - Lettura e studio personale su materiale on-line messo a disposizione dal docente (piattaforma Unistudium) - Fare pratica di abilità tecniche.
Other information
Regular frequency to frontal lessons and to other activities is recommended.
Learning verification modality
Oral test consists on a interview of about 30-40 minutes long, aiming to ascertain the knowledge level and the understanding capability acquired by the student on theoretical and methodological contents as indicated on the program. The oral exam will also test the student communication skills and his autonomy in the organization and exposure of the theoretical topics.
Extended program
The issues of defining the parameters of the project, the planning stages, the technical administrative steps and the subsequent testing are taken into consideration. Particular works are studied: wells; pumping station; hydroelectric plants. Project management and work management are analyzed. The exercitations are designed to explain the applicative tools.
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