Veterinary medicine
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Coorte 2017
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Discipline delle malattie infettive ed infestive
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In order to better understand the topics of this course it is necessary to have already passed both the Veterinary Microbiology-Immunology and Veterinary Pathology exams. The knowledge acquired after studying these two subjects are a prerequisite for the student who wants to take this course.

As for the form of epidemiology, despite entered in the same teaching is done in the second year of the degree course in how this matter is one assessment tool for many disciplines and therefore is considered the basic course. To pass the biostatistics exam is an advisable prerequisite.
Other information
For lessons and exam schedule, please visit: http://www.medvet.unipg.it/
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Teaching activity support: Tutor at the Department of Veterinary Medicine, with timetables to be agreed with the teacher.
For information on support services for students with disabilities and / or DSA visit http://www.unipg.it/disabilita-e-dsa
Learning verification modality
The exam of infectious diseases, prevention and animal health consists of an oral exam lasting about 60 minutes aimed at ascertaining the level of knowledge and understanding reached by the student on the theoretical and methodological implications mentioned in the program. The questions mainly cover infectious diseases of the horse, ruminants , pigs, dog and cat by evaluating the critical skills of the student, his ability to use all the knowledge and skills acquired and solution of concrete problems related to spreading of pathogens, prevention and control.
The student's ability to perform and interpret laboratory methods, a correct diagnostic algorithm and the respective differential diagnosis is also evaluated.
This course also provides an exemption for the module of Veterinary Epidemiology (2nd year of the course). The exam consists of an interview of about 30 minutes in which the student has to answer three questions. With the first one the student has to demonstrate to be able to analyze and perform a critical review of a scientific paper, that the student can select by himself. The aim is to evaluate if the student is able to apply the Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine and to discuss issues originated from the article. The other two questions help to ascertain the knowledge level and the understanding capability acquired by the student on theoretical and methodological contents.

To take the exam the student must first register to the appeal of Infectious Diseases, Prophylaxis and Police Health online through the SOL system https://unipg.esse3.cineca.it/Home.do.
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