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Attilio Santocchia
  • Attilio Santocchia
  • Giovanni Carlotti (Codocenza)
  • 70 ore - Attilio Santocchia
  • 14 ore (Codocenza) - Giovanni Carlotti
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Coorte 2021
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Obbligatorio (Required)
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Attività formativa monodisciplinare
Language of instruction
Electrostatic. Magnetostatics. Electrodynamics and circuits. Electromagnetism and its laws. Maxwell Laws. Electromagnetic waves. Geometric and physical optics (reflection, refraction, polarization, interference and diffraction).
Reference texts
Fisica II. Elettromagnetismo. Ottica, with Supplementary material in electronics form.
Authors: Corrado Mencuccini, Vittorio Silvestrini Editore CEA ISBN 978-8808186614
Fisica Vol. II - Elettromagnetismo e onde Authors: P. Mazzoldi - M. Nigro - C. Voci, EdiSES Università, ISBN 9788879591522
For specific topics will also be used:
Introduction to Electrodynamics (English)
David J. Griffiths Editor Cambridge University Press ISBN 978-1108420419
Fisica Volume 2, Mazzoldi, Nigro, Voci Editore Edises, ISBN 978-8879591522
Educational objectives
The course aims to provide students with the basis for understanding all the fundamental processes of classical electrodynamics
To have acquired the concepts taught in the courses of Analysis 1 and 2 and Physics 1
Teaching methods
The course is essentially divided into 4 topics: Electrostatics, Magnetostatics, Classical Electrodynamics and Optics. Each topic will be addressed through lectures during which the theoretical bases of each topic will be presented, accompanied by examples and exercises.
Learning verification modality
The exam includes a written test and an oral exam. During the year 2 written intermediate evaluation tests could be proposed (exemptions).
Extended program
Forces and fields.
The electric charge and the electrostatic field.
Insulators, conductors and electrical structure of matter. Coulomb's law.
Electrostatic field generated by different charge distributions, field lines, motion in electrostatic fields.
Rutherford experience, the measure of the charge, Millikan experience.
Work, voltage and electrostatic potential.
Electric dipoles and forces on them.
Field Flux and Gauss law.
Consequences of the Gauss law. Poisson and Laplace equations. Conductors. Capacitors. Electrostatic screens.
Energy of the field and of a system of charges. Forces between capacitor armatures. Dielectrics, polarization and fields generated.
Electrostatics with dielectrics.
Electricity and charge conservation.
Conduction and Ohm's law. Resistance of a conductor, Joule effect. Resistors and their connections. Electric generator. Electromotive force.
Charge and discharge of a capacitor, Kirchhoff's laws for circuits.
Magnetic fields and their field/force lines. Gauss law for the magnetic field.
Lorentz force on charges and currents.
The law of Biot and Savart.
Mechanical moments on circuits.
Force, momentum and work in the presence of a magnetic field. Magnetic flux, Hall effect.
Motion in static electric and magnetic fields.
Magnetic fields produced by different current configurations.
Magnetic induction. Actions between circuits. Ampere's law. Chained flow. Magnetic fields in vacuum, potential vector.
Faraday's law and Lenz's law of magnetic induction. Self-induction. Energy and magnetic pressure. Mutual Induction. Coupled circuits.
Displacement current. Ampere-Maxwell law.
Maxwell equations.
Electrical oscillations and alternating currents. RLC circuits and their properties. Differential treatment, phasors and use of complex notation. Power in alternate regime. Engines and generators.
Maxwell equations: general considerations. Equations of electromagnetic waves.
General solution of the wave equation. Plane electromagnetic waves. Polarization. Energy and Poynting vector.
Momentum of a wave and radiation pressure. Spherical waves.
Oscillating dipole and produced waves. Radiation of accelerated charges.
Spread of light. Waves in dielectric mediums. Electromagnetic spectrum. Light speed.
Overview of geometric optics: formulation of Fermat and Huygens. Reflection and refraction.
Fresnel formulas. Interference in EM waves. Diffraction of Fraunhofer
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