Medical, veterinary and forensic biotechnological sciences
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Simona Ronchetti
  • Simona Ronchetti
  • Oxana Bereshchenko (Codocenza)
  • 40 ore - Simona Ronchetti
  • 12 ore (Codocenza) - Oxana Bereshchenko
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Coorte 2023
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Discipline medico-chirurgiche e riproduzione umana
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Obbligatorio (Required)
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Attività formativa monodisciplinare
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Study of biotech drugs: from production to final formulation, by analysing the safety and efficacy of the product. Knowledge of the biotech drus that are in use in therapy with particular attention at the biosimilar problem.
Reference texts
There’s still no available book in italian so far, but some English written books will be suggested during the first lesson. All slides presented during the face-to face lessons will be available to the students with additional scientific literature  articles provided at the moment.
Educational objectives
This course aims at allowing the student to acquire the knowledge about the rational production of a biotech drug.Specifically:-          Aim of the production of a biotech drug-          Methodologies in the production of both protein and nucleic acid drugs-          Methods in the quality control of a biotech drug; -Antibodies as biotech drugs, -Knowledge of the main biotech drugs in use. Such principles will be analyzed during the exam as well as the ability to design a biotech drug.
Knowledge of principles of general pharmacology (principles of Pharmacodinamics, Pharmacokinetics, Adverse effects)
Teaching methods
The course is organised as follows:-face-to-face lessons with particular attention to a productive debate between the lecturer and the students about all topics of the course- laboratory practice during which the students can apply some methodologies learned during the course, within the research projects of the lab
Other information
face-to-face lessons and lab are optional
Learning verification modality
Written exam with multiple choice; the test lasts no more than 45 minutes, and has the aim of verifying the learned knowledge and its application, including the problem-solving; there is the option, up to the student, to complete with an oral exam to verify the capability to communicate and discuss about the subject with the appropriate terms
Extended program
General principles, RNA drugs, protein and antibodies as drugs; systems of recombinant proteins, methos for the production of biotech drugs, purification and final product formulation, pharmacokinetics of biotech drugs, specific biotech drugs (cytokines, insulin, growth factors, recombinant blood products, monoclonal antibodies) and their therapeutic use, recombinant vaccines, biosimilar drugs.
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