Electronic engineering for the internet-of-things
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Roberto Vincenti Gatti
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Coorte 2023
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Obbligatorio (Required)
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Attività formativa monodisciplinare
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Introduction to Antennas and Receiving Radiation Mechanisms. Study of wire antennas. Aperture antennas and arrays.
Examples of design and measurement of antennas.
Reference texts
R: E: Collin,
Antennas and Radiowave Propagation (Mcgraw Hill Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Educational objectives
Understand physical phenomena related to antennas in order to provide a unified view of methodologies to address the study of various classes of antenna systems for research and project purposes in telecommunication and aerospace applications.
First degree in Engineering
Teaching methods
The course is organized as follows:
Classroom lessons on all subjects of the course;
Classroom exercises with the use of software suitable for solving electromagnetic problems;
Laboratory exercises.
Other information
The teacher provides teaching material to illustrate the lecture topics in detail
Learning verification modality
The exam provides an oral examination and possibly the presentation of a technical report.
The oral test consists of a discussion lasting about 30 minutes. Aimed at ensuring the level of knowledge and understanding acquired by the student on the theoretical and methodological content developed in the program. The oral test will also allow student to demonstrate communication skills with language ownership and autonomous organization.
Extended program
Fundamentals of electromagnetic radiation, Pointing theorem and fundamental parameters of an antenna
Green function, Radiation from an arbitrary current distribution, Radiation conditions
of Sommerfeld, Hertz dipole, Far field and Near Field, Half Dipole, Loop of
Current, Radiation Diagram, Directivity and Gain, EIRP, Radiation resistance, Directivity Calculation, Effective Area, Gain Measurement, Antennas Impedance.
Reciprocity theorem, Friis formula.
Aperture antennas.
Radiation from a flat aperture. Fourier transform method. Radiation from
Rectangular and circular waveguides. Equivalence principle. Horn antennas. Radiation from waveguide
arrays. Geometric optics. Paraboloid Antennas: Efficiency, Directivity,
Method of induced currents. Feed with low cross-polarization. left hand and right hand circular polarization. Reflectors
Offset parabolic. Double reflector systems. Slot radiation. Slot Arrays.
Antennas in PCB technology. Patch antennas.
Dipoles and wire antennas.
Introduction to Arrays. Multiplication pattern principle.
Arrays broad-side, arrays end-fire. Two-dimensional Arrays. Grating Lobes, conformal arrays, planar arrays, Frequency squint, Bandwidth of an array, Beam Forming Networks, radiation pattern synthesis, transfer function of an array, calculation of impedance of a dipole,
Balun. CAD systems for antenna design.
Measurements of receiving and transmitting antennas.
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