Unit Corporate Communication Strategies

Public, digital and corporate communication
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Comunicazione d'impresa
Cecilia Chirieleison
  • Cecilia Chirieleison
  • 63 ore - Cecilia Chirieleison
Course Regulation
Coorte 2022
Learning activities
Discipline della comunicazione pubblica e d'impresa
Academic discipline
Type of study-unit
Obbligatorio (Required)
Type of learning activities
Attività formativa monodisciplinare
Language of instruction
Italian. Please, consider that some of the teaching activities and project works could be in English.
The course deals with the strategic aspects of communication. In particular, we discuss the corporate communication, the social communication, the crisis communications, the brand management and the most recent trends in business communication.
Reference texts
Pastore A., Vernuccio M. (2008), Impresa e comunicazione, Maggioli Editore, Chapters 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 22, 26.

Merli R. (2012), La responsabilità sociale d'impresa: aspetti teorici e strumenti operativi, Cedam - up to page 200.

In alternative, Erasmus students are allowed to use the following textbook in English

Argenti P., Corporate communication, McGraw Hill, 2016 (or later).
Educational objectives
At the end of the course the student will have in-depth knowledge of the business communication, both at strategic and at operational level. The main knowledge acquired will be related to corporate, crisis, social, commercial, and financial communication. Based on this knowledge, the student will acquire expertise on the development of an appropriate corporate communication mix and will acquire specific skills in developing a communication plan, both at strategic and functional level.
In order to be able to acquire the required knowledge and skills, is necessary to have the capability to understand the fundamental phenomena of the business administration and management.
Teaching methods
The course provides lectures and analysis of business cases. Various group activities will be proposed to the students, focused on the analysis and discussion of real business problems. At the end of the project work, the students might be asked to draw up a final report.
Other information
Instagram: strategie comunicazione unipg

Facebook: www.facebook.com/StrategiaComunicazionePerugia

For further information, please send an email to: cecilia.chirieleison@unipg.it
Learning verification modality
The oral exam consists in a discussion lasting about 20-25 minutes to verify whether and to what extent the student has assimilated the concepts included in the program of the course. The exam has the aim to ensure the acquisition of the required knowledge and to assess the degree to which the student is able to process them. Particular attention is paid to the language capability and to the exposure ability. During the examination, both orally or writing, the student will also be asked to contextualize the knowledge provided and to demonstrate through concrete examples the acquisition of required skills.
Extended program
The main themes of the program are the following:
- The communication strategy
- The communication process
- Corporate communication, public affairs and crisis communication
- CSR communication and social report
- Commercials and communication plan
- Emerging trends in communication
Obiettivi Agenda 2030 per lo sviluppo sostenibile
During the course, reference will be made to the importance of Agenda 2030 objectives in the context of corporate communication strategies.
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