Unit Sociology of Language

Public, digital and corporate communication
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Enrico Caniglia
  • Enrico Caniglia
  • 42 ore - Enrico Caniglia
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Coorte 2023
Learning activities
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Academic discipline
Type of study-unit
Obbligatorio (Required)
Type of learning activities
Attività formativa monodisciplinare
Language of instruction
Italian. International and Erasmus students are invited to attende the course. Readings and other course
material are also available in English; written and/or oral exams, as detailed in the course program,
may be taken in English. Please contact the instructor for further details and to schedule an
appointment during the first week of the Fall/Spring Semester.
Analysis of the empirical methodologies for the study of fake news in journalism and new media
Reference texts
Papers provided by the teacher
Educational objectives
student will learn to know the limits of the main empirical methodology to the study of fake news.
Basic knowledge of sociological approaches to the study of texts. Basic of ethnomethodology
Teaching methods
Collecting and class discussion about true and fake news.
In case of covid emergence the lessons will be held in blended mode
Other information
I expect the student dedicates at least two hours of outside work of reading per week. This course demands significant reading. I treat the course as an ongoing conversation, and in order to participate in this conversation, the studente needs to do the readings. While I have done my best to keep the readings to a manageable length, it is imperative, not only for the grade, but for the quality of the class discussion, that the studen reads them carefully and actively. This means taking notes as the student reads and marking passages of interests and/or confusion.
Learning verification modality
Oral examination. In case of covid emergence, the exam will be hold on line.
Extended program
How are fake news and true news recognized? What are the main methods proposed for the detection of false news. Discussion on the methodological and ideological limits of the main methods. Development of an alternative approach
Obiettivi Agenda 2030 per lo sviluppo sostenibile
peace, justice and institutions, gender equality
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