Università degli Studi di Perugia

International students

If you wish to participate in the Erasmus + study program you should contact the International Relations Office at your home University, in order to obtain all the information about procedures and requirements. You can check if your University is one of our partners within the Erasmus+ program by visiting this link.

Once you are selected, your home University send an email stating formal nomination to our Student Mobility Office. You will then receive all the information to help you apply and prepare the required documents. In order to complete your Learning Agreement you can consult the following link and select a Department to find all of its available courses: https://www.unipg.it/en/ects/ects-course-catalogue-2020-21

For a list of modules held in English, visit: http://www.unipg.it/en/ects/modules-held-in-english

All Erasmus Incoming students who will be attending the Department of Medicine courses (in all Degree programs) must also submit a negative Tuberculin skin test certificate, issued within the last six months from an authorized structure.

At the Università degli Studi di Perugia, semester start dates are usually different for each Department. The first semester usually begins in September/October and ends in December/January, exams are held in January/February. The second semester usually begins in February/March and ends in May/June, exams are held in June/July.

ECTS System adopted: 1 CFU (Italian University Credit System) = 1 ECTS

Given that we strongly suggest that Incoming Students possess at least a basic knowledge of the Italian language we ask you to let us know whether or not you would like to attend one of our Italian Language Courses, usually starting at the beginning of each Semester. The Italian Language course will be offered by the Università degli Studi di Perugia and consists of 60 hours to be completed in 3 weeks. The course aims to help students reach a lower-intermediate level of Italian and will be held at the University Linguistic Centre (CLA).

We can provide our Incoming Students with suitable accommodation in one of our Halls of Residence. The reservation process will be managed directly by the Student Mobility Office through an internal agreement with Adisu (Agenzia per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario dell’Umbria). Students can apply for this additional service directly on line by simply ticking the corresponding box when filling out the Erasmus Application form, or sending the Accommodation form to the Student Mobility Office, if exchange students from international agreements.

For further details regarding our University Residences, please consult this page.

Please be advised that the Residence is directly assigned by Adisu according to availability and, whenever possible, its proximity with the Department that the student will be attending. Therefore the student cannot directly choose his/her Residence.

Double rooms (two people sharing the same room) are usually available. The monthly rent cost per person for Incoming Students, in a shared, double-room apartment, is €150, including all utility costs.

If interested in private accommodation, a regular renting contract must be signed. There is also an on-line service which, within the framework of an agreement with the Università degli Studi di Perugia, helps students find certified private accommodation at favorable conditions and without having to pay a commission: AFFITTO a>

Another website that can help you find a private accommodation is: CERCALLOGGIO ONLINE

Note that these are directly managed by the owners.

Should you need a place to stay temporarily you can opt for a Youth Hostel or a Hotel.

  1. Youth Hostels in Perugia
  2. Hotels in Perugia

Departments offer IT labs which are freely available to our students.

Departments provide facilities for individual study in quiet study rooms. Students may use these rooms during department opening hours.

Common rooms are also available both for study and social aggregation at

  • Perugia: Aula Ceccherelli – Edificio B of the Dipartimento di Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnologie - Via dell'Elce di Sotto
  • Perugia: Aula 23 – Space managed by student associations - edificio C, piano 0, School of Medicine, piazzale Lucio Severi
  • Terni: Aula Medicina - Via Tristano di Joannuccio (at the Hospital S. Maria)

Please note that these facilities are directly managed by the students.

Our Library Service Center (Centro Servizi Bibliotecari - CSB) manages several libraries located throughout Perugia and Terni.

For more information about our libraries, please visit: http://www.csb.unipg.it/organizzazione/strutture-bibliotecarie/sedi-e-orari

The Università degli Studi di Perugia offers several sports services and facilities

  • The "G. Bambagioni" University Sports and Recreation Complex is a modern facility located just outside the city center and only a few minutes away from the Department of Veterinary Medicine and that of Agricultural Sciences. The "G. Bambagioni" facility offers tennis courts, soccer fields (for 7- or 5-a-side matches), beach-volley courts, a swimming pool, recreational rooms, a playroom for children, a club house, a café, a restaurant-pizzeria, TV rooms and rooms for meetings and private parties.
    Via Bambagioni, 9 - Zona Pallotta - 06100 Perugia
    Tel: +39 075 31 103
  • The University Swimming Pool is open to both University students and the general public. There are two pools available: one is 25 metres in length (5 lanes) and the other is a children’s pool (used also for physical rehabilitation activities).
    Via Bambagioni - Zona Pallotta - 06126 Perugia
    Tel: +39 075 33 326
  • The University Sports Center - CUS is part of the National network of University Sports Centers (CUSI) aiming at promoting a healthy lifestyle and sports among University students. Several sports-related activities are offered by C.U.S. Perugia, including: track and field, Baseball, Basketball, Body-building, Boxing, Chess, Cross Country/Alpine Skiing, Dance, Fencing, Soccer, Gymnastics, Hiking, Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Kick-boxing and Savate, Lacrosse, Parachuting, Self-defence, Safe driving, Rugby, Sailing, Swimming, Tennis, Target shooting, Volleyball and Wrestling. Winter and Summer camps are also offered.
    CUS Perugia participates in national and international championships as well as in the "InterCUS" competitions against other Italian University Sports Centers.
    Strada Tuderte,10 - Zona Pallotta - 06126 Perugia
    For sports and sport facilities in Terni, please contact
    Città di Terni – Ufficio dello Sport
    via I Maggio n 65 - 3rd floor - 05100 – Terni
    Tel.: + 39 0744 549719
  • The University Theatre Center (CUT) offers educational sessions as well as the chance to take part in plays.
  • The University of Perugia also manages a University Choir and both students and staff can participate. In addition to performing at official University ceremonies (ceremonies for the conferment of honorary degrees, the annual inauguration of the new academic year, etc.) and events throughout Umbria, the Choir has established a number of cultural exchanges with other European university choirs.
  • The University also has a Chamber Orchestra. Only Italian and enrolled foreign students wishing to join the Orchestra may audition. The Orchestra collaborates with the Choir as well as with various soloists.