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All the contents (text, images, files, script code, graphic, text, videos, etc.) present in the portal of Università degli Studi di Perugia (hereinafter “Portal”), are protected under current legislation on copyright. The contents are made available and accessible in the enforcement of intellectual property rights of the legitimate owners.

Reproduction of the contents of the portal will be possible only with the prior consent of rights holders, except the contents that may be released under Creative Commons license.

In case of reproduction of contents of the portal, the source must be cited.

All the personal contents on the portal can be used by users only for purposes related to the institutional activities of teaching, research and administrative proceedings. It is forbidden the use of the published data for marketing and commercial purposes in absent of prior consent by the interested person, and spamming activity. Any violation will be reported.

Portal use

The Portal supports the institutional purposes of the athenaeum and makes information and services available and accessible to its users, providing the most updated and accurate information.

However, visitors are welcome, at any time, to report any inaccuracies, failure to update or services dysfunctions sending an email using references in the page or alternatively at webmaster@unipg.it. The editors will provide a response in the shortest possible time.

The University of Perugia assumes no responsibility for any problems arising from the use of this site or any external sites linked to it.

Using the University logo

For information on the use of the logo and the patronage see the section "Il marchio dell'Ateneo".

Links to third party websites

Any links to other Internet websites of non-affiliated external sources does not imply endorsement by Università degli Studi di Perugia In addition, since we have no control over the privacy practices of linked external Internet websites you should read and understand the policies of all linked external Internet websites with respect to their privacy practices. All responsibility falls, therefore, directly on the titleholders.


Objects, programs and products downloaded from the website are protected under current legislation on copyright and industrial property. The University of Perugia is therefore calling for a preliminary verification of the conditions of use set by the legitimate holders to which the download is subject, and assumes no responsibility.

The University of Perugia does not guarantee the safety and compatibility of programs and products available via download with the systems in use and are believed to be free from any liability.


To know the information on the processing of personal data aimed at those who give their personal information at the University of Perugia, including the provision of web applications made available by the University, please refer to the specific "Privacy" section.

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